"( FRIENDSHIPWho’s your best friend?The title of this – “friendship” – might be alittle deceptive to some readers. That’s because your spouse shouldbe your best friend. Really, not someone you go out with for fun orsport or work or gossip.Whom do you share your living space with?Whom do you share your finances with?Whom do you share your schedule with?Who has invested more of his/her life in you than anyone else on theplanet?If your spouse is not your best friend, it’s time to start catchingup. )"Well.. i have read the above article .... so... i thought to share with u... and .. want to figure out something in my mind.. ... and for that... i require ur opinion.....on the above article.
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  • thank you for this beautiful sun and the moon you sent me..I am so sorry to not emailing you back coz i am realy busy in my study. Glad to hear from you my friend.
  • it would be the most beautiful thing in the world , having ones spouse as best freind...the better half .the person whom you spend your life with
    but sadly looking at the divorce rates all over , it does not seem to be like any more..
  • Spouse = Best friend???...
    Well! choosing someone as a Best friend/ or good friend/ or even a Friend should be purely done on the criteria of "Heart and compatibility" and not to be an OBLIGATION to choose one person/ or the person. A free spirit is needed to flourish any kind of relationship otherwise it dies.... slowly.
    If one gets a Best friend in a spouse without thinking "I should make my spouse my best friend" THEN that's a blessing!!...
    Lucky the person is who FINDS rather than decides/obligate himself/herself to make their spouse their best friend.
  • Once it was said that a friend love at all time, and that he/she could be closer than a brother or a sister...
    It is interesting that friendship is associated to sharing in the article you read... Usually, when we share a lot of time and interests with a person we get to believe that that person is our friend; however, friendship goes beyond sharing... Probably share can sustain it, but it is not enough. A boyfriend or husband could become your best friend as he knows everything about you and you spend a lot of time together, but there are some reservations you might keep.

    The love a couple expresses sometimes keeps us afraid of hurting him/her, and there are a lot of secrets we keep from the people we love, but from a friend we receive the absolut trust and we feel absolutely trustful.
    A lot can be said about friendship... but actually a real friend is NOT always there for you, he/she can fail, can lie or hide... But the love you feel for him/her will alwaysmake forgive.
    I believe there is only one side of a friendship, and it is you. You deciding to love, to be loyal, reliable... etc. At the other side, there would be a person receiving all that, and if that person is smart enough, he/she will pay back in the same way: loving trusting and giving. Like the Shark and the remora... A mutualism relationship.
    I believe that nobody has to be a good friend, but for my own sake and grow, I CAN DECIDE to be a great friend.
    A great hug and a lot of love for all of you!!!
  • Dear Param

    thanks for you topic and its really nice.according to me friendship is when we can share everything about us and no one we hind between us because for me sometime friendship more than we get love with some one and its very hard to looking at a friendship then looking gird friend/ boy friend.and friendship always there for us in any condition. thanks

    by efra
  • Dear Param,

    I think that to have friends is the most important thing in our life .And when we can have friends from all over the place, the world becomes cozier.
    Have a nice day.
  • Thanks for your topic. It's really interesting and nearly with our life. Nobody doesn't have friend, but to have a good friendship is difficult. We should be honest with our friend. We share funny or badness of them. I hope we will have wonderful friendship.
  • Dear Param,

    Really nice topic. For me friendship is when someone loves/likes you despite all the weakness that you have. He/she keeps your weakness hidden. A true friend warns you about your weakness when they ruine your life or may harm you. By this way, you always can trust your friend and talk about everythin you can't say others. So, you can be honest with him/her.
  • Hi dear Param,
    thanks for your nice topic and message
    my opinion that friendship and love are different something, without friendship our life in alienation, and without love then our life in empty ... so, it is different something, like Linda said that "True friend are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget" but with love, how many people can forget it ...
    thanks for sharing, nice!

  • thank you for this's very nice from your part.bye.have a nice day
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