I have eleven companions, my friends since high school. Until now we still see each other and tell each activity. After graduating from high school we have different kinds of jobs. As a teacher, engineer, nurse, and some other kinds of jobs. I love my friends.

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  • Thank you Dara Gino and Shopi

    Noaslpls, Our mutual friends until today because we each maintain communication, our friends from the age of sixteen years until now we have twenty two years old and forever. maybe you can find your friends through social media

  • Saya suka teman teman anda Lisa Febriani, dan saya suka teman saya lisa juga. I like your friendship. Extend my regards to them. 

  • Wow... it's interesting that you still can maintain the friendship. As for me, I've lost contact with most of my friends from school because we are living in different states as well as having less common interest with each other.

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