No man is an island. No man stands alone. As we grow, we encounter different people. Some may come and go. Friends are the one you can lean on. When you have problems and you wanted someone you can talk to, you have a person you called friend. Friends are part of our lives. We grow share and give lessons in our lives.

Friends are the person you cherished the most. There may be times that you and your friends are not in good terms, but because they are your friends, you find ways to make the friendship back.

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  • hi atheena, i'm one of your friend i'm glad that you realized that a friend is always at your side to comfort you to be with you to all of your challenges and to guide you from wrong to right,and will always forgive you. (: this is one of my qoutes


  • Hello Atheena, it seems you love your friends very much and you know how to appreciate this friendship. I think sometimes it is not bad not to be in not good terms with your friends, it is normal, because every person is different. Keep this friendship and have nice moments with your friends!

  • Kamusta Atheena Jomaira Gubat Manibilang, Alam mu, isang kabaiyan sa kailangan ay isang kabayan sa katunayan. I really hope to be your friend, could I? Thanks!

  • Nicely written. Keep blogging.

  • Yes, my friends is my soul,life and they mean a lot to me , of course without a real friends life is nothing ... May God protect them all <3 <3 <3  

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