Friends are nothing!!!

"There is nothing on the earth more to be prized than true friendship". She was always jokingat people who say this. She didn't believe in the stories of friendship that she heard."Friendsare nothing in life". "You can only be highly successful without friends" ." Everything will gosmoothly without friends" . As well as, "Everyone search for its benefit and they become friends of you for a purpose".No one could change her thought.However, After many years,her idea had alteredcompletelyShe now trusts in friends . The reason for that was as she said" I had been working with a girlthe past three years; we had never had a dispute. When I was in a trouble I always found herthe first to help. I asked her once why do you keep on helping me . She answered me with a gentle voice "I really love to help people" . We have so many lovely moments that nobody could have...So I can't imagine living my life without her, she added.[ I have created this story and I know that they are many similar stories. Most of us don't trust people easily and sometimes it takes months or years to get out of your doubts ].So what's better :1. To believe almost always the people you meet2.To feel suspicious of anyone you meet and try to know their background3.Or do you have a third optionI'm looking forward to your responses!Cheers,
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  • Dear Amal, we all know that how good friends are invaluable. I believe either complete suspicion or complete trust are not good. The basic trust is needed to built a friendship and the rest is something that w'll be proven through time, especially through hardships. Friends in needs are the friends indeed.
  • Hi noona,

    Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate it.

    Well, I think the heart is always the best tool to know people.
  • I Think  there is A third option  which is to keep a distance between all people around you .
    and make them know about you what will not hurt you If they will hate you one day .
    but always there is a person that you feel you can give him /her  trust  , but how can we know this person  mmm , for me I use my heart   for this  ,
    I dont know about others :) 
    thank you for sharing this .

  • Camel, Hi,

    That's it!!
    Thank you
  • Dear Nadira,

    I understand your viewpoint very clearly; I think you had some situations to say this .Am I right?
  • Dear Amal  

    thank you on your  response /  Yes  more  or less  I felt  better  to  appreciate one self  first  than  totally rely on others and   get  hurt .

  • Hey dear JET,

    It's kind of you to say this .Thanks for reading:-)
  • Hi dear Mishaikh,

    I'm glad to have your comment here. I strongly agree with you and wonder how people believe in the first impression. Sometimes it leads to big troubles.

    Anyway, Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Have a beautiful day!!
  • I believe in "do not trust any one in first sight', of course give due respect, but wait for the time to believe in his/her claim to be friend after have got acquainted with their background.

    By adopting your option # (1), most of the there are chances to get hurt.

  • Hi dear Nadira,

    It's better to be one's best friend cuz everyone may leave you when they don't need you . This what I understand from you.

    I liked this"best be our best to get the best in others"...WONDERFULL statment.

    Thank you for reading & commenting. It really pleased me.
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