Here I am giving some generally asked interview question with small advice for the same

Question # 1

Tell me about yourself (this is a general question asked during interview... while your answer itself they will come to about skills - so be careful in answering the first question... you have to prepare about yourself and practice more and more for this question.

Advice : Don't be afraid to ask the interviewer to clarify if the question is about your personal life or your professional life.

Question # 2

What can you contribute towards the company or institution?

Advice : Tell them about your achievements in your previous position that are relevant to the new position you are applying for..

(in case of new post - you can say about your achievements in the college days)

Question # 3

Why do you want to work for this company or institution?

Advice : Stress the positive reasons why you want to join their company.  Do not mention things like more money or shorter hours!! and do not say for better prospects since it does not mean anything (never say "for better prospects")

Question # 4

Why do you want to leave your old company?

Advice : Be very very careful while answering this question... you do not say anything negative about your present company/company owner (employer)  If you say anything negatively  the new company may wonder what you will say about them when you join and leave them.  Instead of that tell them about wanting more opportunity for growth, new challenges and opportunities to improve my skills and experience.

Question # 5

What salary do you expect to get??

Advice: Now this is a difficult one... The question is probably asked to see how highly you regard yourself or possibly to find out how little the organisation can get away with paying you.

Question # 6

What was your greatest success?

Advice: you should pick an achievement that is tied to their needs, preferably one that did not occur years and years ago.

So be prepared to face any kind of interview... 

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