FREEDOM: The breath of life

Freedom :The breath of life ....what this word means to you?

We know the general meaning is when it concerns with the national freedom of the society against all kinds of Imperialism and exploitation.people's freedom to own their country and build their society without any interference  from other countries.Heros wrote their names in the history by their bloods to get freedom for their countries.How many nations struggle and fight all over the world to get their freedom.The sense of freedom with the wisdom constitute our pride as a human being .


But what about the freedom within...inside us

For me..I can say that with freedom comes responsibility:it's the price of freedom

It's not only a matter of taking a decision or making a choice in our life ,but also to be responsible of our decisions,and of the freedom that we have.

Your life is a result of all the choices you make,If you can control your choices ,so you can take control of all aspects of your life.

The most important is to be what we really are.We change our reality for a role  or a reason.We change our sense for an act.We put a mask and hide our reality .So the freedom has got to happen inside first and to get ride of all the masks and be what we are.

The freedom is only be in doing the right things and be proud of doing them.


Some people think that wearing fashionable clothes ...,smoking ,drinking....are only the freedom,but I think the freedom of the mind and the thoughts ,to express and reveal your opinion especially  when the matter concerns you,it is what the freedom means.


Just living is not enough ..we must have a sunshine in our life ,a hope,a flash of  light ...We must have a bird inside us to make us fly with freedom in our thoughts and minds.It's a chance to be better 

 and to build a progressive society .

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  • @AReality,

    You support my blog with more meaningful words . Dividing the concept of freedom to two main parts : thoughts and movements really gives the exact meaning of freedom.Two related parts completing each other to define freedom. As you said, today we face this problem ,the contradiction between our will and what others and what our society demand. We pretend that we are free but we are still restricted in many ways. Expressing our thoughts needs courage and understanding and somehow it's hard to find that in such societies which they insist to go backward .
    Thank you AReality for the comprehensive comment which reflects your true understanding to the meaning of freedom .

  • Dear Bimal,

    Thanks alot for reading and sharing your comment .

    Best wishes !

  • Dear Hala J.M

    Yes, your views are very progressive and humane!

    Good luck!


  • Thank you Natalia for reading and commenting !The inner freedom is to be what we are and not what others want us to be  ,you are right ....If we aren't free we have to try to be.

    Thanks again and have a nice day!


  • i like your blog very much. It is really very important for every person to be free ( to feel inner freedom).  Lucky those who are free ot least try to be.

  • Thank you Faris for commenting ,I appreciate your words always ..we need to express our thoughts and opinions freely and this sure comes from inside .

  • Thank you Fumi for commenting ,you are right ...the freedom inside is what make our life meaningful


  • freedom inside, I thought you have just given us the real meaning of freedom, and for making choices and being responsible of them to not blaming anyone for the things that we do.

  • Thank you Zulkifli for reading and commenting on my blog ! I appreciate your words alot .


  • Hi Hala, I like your blog very much particularly when you say “freedom has got to happen inside first”. You see lots of people are handcuffed by the forces both from within and the surrounding. From the inside there is a feeling of need to be accepted by other people, afraid to be ignored or rejected. From the surrounding the attacks come from every negative comment or ill behaved of other people. Those things exist in nature. Our respond to these situations will determine the degree of our freedom.

    Have a wonderful freedom Hala!

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