Hello EC users, lets share you ideas about who will win football world cup, which takes place this summer in Brazil.

Please set not more than 3 teams, and only comment to prevent spam and flood. 

And after WC 2014 we will compare results and see who is winner or was closest too.

Good luck!

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  • Brazil!!! :D 




  • Hi. Iran is the winner! Do you doubt? HEHEHE LOL
  • 1. Uruguay 2. Brazil 3. Germany




  • 1.JAPAN 



  • This time for Africa like Shakira said waka waka eh eh...

  • I don't like Football, but the world cup has its own excitement and every body likes to follow it.

    Somehow during its time World's Hearts are tied together! then although is clear that Brazil team is one of  great with lots of chances ; I like these teams to get the place.

    1. England  :)

    2. Spain

    3. Argentina

  • Germany or Spain

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm Germanyyyy i think sooo ....

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