Food of the Body vs food of Soul

Food of the Body:

  1. All kinds of foods that we consume every day for keeping us healthy.

Food of the Soul:

  1. Reading Books. (Fake)
  2. Going out for refreshments. (Fake)
  3. Thinking about the wonder of nature (for example sky, star, planet, galaxy, human body, etc.) and the science behind it. (Fake)
  4. Watching TV. (Fake)
  5. Thinking positively about myself and others as well. (Fake)
  6. Talking with people. (Fake)
  7. Helping Others. (Fake)
  8. Loving myself i.e being confident. (Fake)
  9. Praying (O.M)
  10. Meditating(O.M)
  11. Forgiving(O.M)
  12. Getting rid of any thoughts in mind(O.M)
  13. Living in a present moment(O.M)
  14. Making my home cozy (NotAClue)
  15. Enjoying a good meal with friends(NotAClue)
  16. Listen to upbeat music(NotAClue)
  17. Feeling rain on my face(NotAClue)
  18. Dancing to the music I love (NotAClue)
  19. Watching children play (NotAClue)
  20. Playing with children and pets (NotAClue)
  21. Walking through the woods and meadows (NotAClue)
  22. Taking pictures of everything I love (NotAClue)
  23. Improvising on the piano, making my feelings audible (NotAClue)
  24. Being lazy and enjoying the sun (NotAClue)
  25. Watching the night sky till my neck aches (NotAClue)
  26. Enjoying the stillness of heart (NotAClue)
  27. Growing plants and flowers (NotAClue)
  28.  Enjoying how the wind caresses my skin (NotAClue)
  29. Touching the dewy grass in the morning (NotAClue)
  30.  Hugging friends, animals, and trees (NotAClue)
  31.  Kissing (NotAClue)
  33. Having good friends (Manuel )
  34. Jogging( Kate )
  35. Riding ( Kate )
  36. Bicycle,( Kate )
  37. Cooking,( Kate )
  38. Listening to your friend,( Kate )
  39. Painting,( Kate )
  40. Writing poems.( Kate )
  41. Ebook addict (Fizzy)
  42. Cats addict (Fizzy)
  43. Planner addict (Fizzy)
  44. Cloud addict (Fizzy)

    You may add your points here in the comment section, I will update and put your name beside. Also if you want to share your opinion about the importance of food of the Soul you may do that.

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  • Watching cats

    Playing with cats

    Talking with cats

    (and a few other things that I can't say).

    • LOL.

      Cats Cats and cats,, Why not Dog?

      You cant say but can write?LOL


      • Hahaha. No, I can't write...
        I love all animals, but cats ... Well, I understand cats better. Probably because I live with a cat.

  • Lol, hahah You conference only the fakes,  but I didn't say my last word !.. Look the Fake of the Fakes , '' To make sex regularly ''' is food of the soul !  .. Do not forget this , If you do not believe me , Please ask your father..

    • If someone practical, Moreover a good father like you I don’t need to verify your statement from others. I believe in you.   

  • Ebook addict

    cats addict

    planner addict

    cloud addict .


    • thanks, fizzy.

      are you a planner?

      • indeed i am... do you?


        • I am not..  😃

  • jogging,riding bicycle,cooking,listening to your friend,painting,writing poems.

This reply was deleted.