Flooding Tears

Flooding tears took my heart

Passages of thorns are hard to cross

Airports of goodbye stirred white

Your sky is singing and the areas of sorrow

in our eyes exploded to take 

the rest of that feeling

We sang for you and we will sing.

The flooding tears covered the world

The return of love became a wish

In the coming season, visions will clash 

We often blame the presence and  

We do not regret the past

Your love was put inside and

The day committed suicide

We sang for you and we will sing


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  • Kiya haal hain Mishaikh sahib? Main kiya bola? More tears were covering that face and the sorrow is deep. The heart, of course, will become hard. Thanks for your first comment on those flooding tears.

  • A mourning for what is gone that won't be compensated anymore. That's what I feel now after reading your poem. Thanks

  • very very regrettable strings.
    hardly hold back a tear.

  • twas deep and touched my heart, smth behind the message that torn me apart, it is very relatable thank u for this poem Mr. Dara !

  • Actually, I couldn’t understand that what the reason for your tears is.

    One of your beloved ones, was leaving from you, to distance over the ocean?

    If so, let the time. “Time heals all wounds”.

    And do sing along. All the songs will come as wishes and they will help to heal your sorrows as you wish.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, sir, Dara.

  • thanks for sharing dara, i'm not sure if i understand everithing, but it is nice to read some poetry.

  • This poem is really heart touching.. i am very pleased with this... thanks for the sharing dara sir... 

  • I only understand a little of this poem. ^^ Could you tell me more, Sir?

    It seems quite woebegone. Thank you. 

  • Very tearsome! Dara reminds me the tears rolling all the down throug the inncocent tears but the bloody imbalance economy os the word ha made the hearts hard.
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