Flashcards and learning English



download?force=trueWhen it comes to learning English, there are numerous ways and variations to learn the language.

Depending on a learner's capacity, style, methods of learning, etc., one of the ways to learn some new words or phrases can be flashcards.

We all know how they work. You need some, e.g., 3x5 cards and marker pens. On one side of the card, you write a word or a phrase in a source language, on the other, the target one.

Many benefits are learning a language with flashcards. In the several following lines, you may read some of them:

Boosting a vocabulary

Using flashcards in learning a language can increase your vocabulary in a fun, simple, and effecting way.

Various modes of learning with flashcards

This way of learning a language opens hundreds of possibilities. For example, you can play a game with flashcards with other people. Who gets most of the flashcards is a winner.

Kids can learn with flashcards without getting bored

Kids don't like to learn the traditional way. After all, they are just kids. They like to play and have fun. With flashcards, you stimulate them, and this way, they won't even realize that they are already learning and learned something. Just be creative.

Just as every learning method has its pros and cons, this one has it, too. It wouldn't hurt to mention some of them:

The meaning of a word depends on the context

In English, it is a common situation that some words we often use differently due to its context. It can be a little confusing if you learn just a word from a flashcard. So, it is essential to be careful if using words in different contexts.

Not everyone can learn from flashcard

Just like people are not the same, in learning languages, not everyone can learn with flashcards. Some can find it boring or hard to memorize any word or phrase. If you are among them, then don't use flashcards. Find another learning way to improve your English.

The difficulty of memorizing words and phrases

It mainly concerns to those who don't find flashcards helpful with learning English. These people remember words or phrases from flashcards, but after some time, they forget it, they can't recall the proper word when they need to use it in a specific context.

Pros and cons that are mentioned above are just a quick look at one of the learning methods that can help you, but just like any other learning method, it isn't perfect, so you need to be careful and find the best approach for yourself.

In using the benefits of flashcards and learning English, native tutors from the Justlearn platform can help you. You can try out the trial lesson and see if this works for you. You can also book a set of lessons and schedule a class with a tutor when it fits you best.

English tutors you can find on the following link: https://www.justlearn.com/english-tutors

And what about you? Do you use flashcards in learning or maybe teaching English? How's that works? Do you see any progress? Or you have some additional tips about using flashcards? Feel free to leave in the comments.


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