First Love

Hallo guys, i am going to post a story. I hope you guys can read it and leave your comment. This story has been checked by a kind man, mr.dara and here it is .

_First love_

Leonard was a good teenager, he had everything in his life, and many girls in his school loved him. He is a kind boy, everybody knows about it. But sometimes he can be an arrogant boy.
One day, in his classroom when the teacher was teaching, the headmaster came.
"Excuse me madam, take a new student", the headmaster said
"Yes, thanks for taking her into my class, sir ", the teacher said.
"No problem madam, it's okay. It's also my responsibility. So I leave her with you ", the headmaster said.
"Yes thanks again sir." Said the teacher.
"Yeah, no problem". The headmaster replied.
The headmaster went out of the class. The girl came into the class and the teacher asked her to introduce herself to the students in the class.
" Okay, now I give you time to introduce yourself ". Said the teacher
"Thanks mom", said the girl.
"Come on, don't waste our time girl", said the teacher.
"Okay my name is Sabrina Sintana, you can call me Sabri or Sinta or whatever that you want, but please don't call me with a bad name. I come from one village in the north of Indonesia...."
when that girl was introducing herself, Leonard Contradicted it.
"What!!! Village???" Leonard shouted.
"Yes of course, there is something wrong??" said Sabrina.
"No. I'm just surprised because you are, you are so beautiful, I can't believe it", Leonard said.
All of the students shouted. "hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the teacher said, "Okay, that's enough, you can sit in front of Leonard".
"Yes , thanks madam ", Sabrina said.

After that, the teacher started to teach again and all of the students gave their full attention to her.
###15 minutes later, the bell rang### the teacher went out of the class. The next teacher came and they started studying again. Five hours later, the last bell was ringing and all of the students started to take their stuff into their bags. The teacher went out and also the students.
Leonard called Sabrina "hey waitttttt!!!"
"Did you call me??" Sabrina asked.
"Yeah, I called you. I am Leonard you can call me Leo". Leonard said.
"Yeah, I know that, you can call me Sinta, nice to meet you ". Sinta replied.
"Nice to meet you Sinta, how about I call you with another name?" Leo asked.
"Yeah why not. What do you want to call me , but please don't call me with a bad name ", Sinta said.
"Yeah sure, I have thought before, and finally, I chose one name for you that's Ebrin "" Leo said.
"What. Ebrin?? What's that mean? Sinta asked.
"Nothing. It is just easy to remember you". Leo said.
" Ok I think it's not a bad name, and you can call me Ebrin from this time", Sabrina said.
" Awe, thanks a lot Ebrin, by the way, where do you live here?" Leo asked.
" I live near from our school; it's about 5 km from here" Sabrina replied.
"5 km? Turn right or turn left?" Leo asked.
"Turn right ", Sabrina replied.
"It's an amazing coincidence. We have the same way, maybe we can go home together by my car "Leo said.
"No Leo, thanks ", Sabrina said.
"Why?? I just want you to come home with me "Leo said.
"because I have just known you for a short time ", Sabrina said." you can trust me , I am not a bad boy, you can ask everybody here ". Leo asked.
"mmmm", Sabrina grumbled.
"Please, "Leo besought
" ok, I will come with you ", Sabrina said.
" thanks a lot Ebrin" Leo said.

And then Sabrina followed Leo and got into his car. Leo started his car and went away from their school .

Sabrina said, "Stop over here"
Leo asked "what happened?"
"That's my house, you see that?" Sabrina told Leo.
"Yeah. I see that ". Leo said.
"Ok thanks Leo ", Sabrina said.
"Yeah, you're welcome Ebrin", Leo said.

Sabrina tried to open the car door, but she couldn't open it. Leo asked her, "What are you doing Ebrin?
"I'm trying to open this door, but I can't", Sabrina said.
"No Ebrin, stay here, let me open the door, because I don't allow a girl to open my car door with her hand, it is against my rules, so let me open it", Leo told Sabrina.
"Yeah of course, come on open this door "Sabrina asked.

Leo went out of his car and opened the door, so Ebrin went out from Leo's car and Leo came back to his car.
He excused Sabrina,
"See you tomorrow my princess, I will miss you for one night glow", he said from his car
"see you Leo ", Sabrina replied.

>>>>to be continue >>>>>>

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