First Experience Coming to Banjarmasin

I Will tell a little of my experience where for the first time I came and lived on Banjarmasin. Before I was a native of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). My goal in coming to Banjarmasin is to continue my schooling ie college. 

So much joy and sorrow that I experienced for the first time I lived on Banjarmasin. First I felt the temperature difference where my place was hot and in my opinion Banjarmasin was a little cold so I was sick for a few weeks because my body had to adjust to the temperature in Banjarmasin. Secondly I have to adjust the language and it takes a long time for me because the language is very difficult but over time I can understand. Thirdly, the initial food adjustment for every meal I eat can be regurgitated because it might be the first time eating with a slightly different taste and maybe the taste doesn't suit my tongue. 

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  • Living far away from home is a challange for most people. You must have been through a hard time adjusting yourself to the local culture, language, food and weather, but I think it's something worth fighting for because your goal is continuing your study. I hope, now you get used to the conditions in the city and enjoy your life there. All the best to you. 

    • Thank you for you motivation and comments to make me touched 

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