Of all camouflaged animals, this might be probably one of the most invisible I’ve ever seen :/



P.S. This could be a Rorschach test to check what kind of crazy stuff you can spot among the dry leaves. But no... I swear there's a f*kin snake! :/

P.S. II. There will be a prize for the first member who finds it.*



*not really.


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  •   That's it  . I was curious  to see it :)  give  us another  challenge  Mary

  • Ok, come out lil snake...


  •  Lol...can't even spot where Mohammad has highlighted...

    • Okay, this one will be easier for you... 


    • You deserve an animated gif for that.

      Oh Brother Face Palm #ReactionGifs

    • Yeah, visible now... lol

  • I think i saw it... errrrrr.......   probably not...  



    • Then you probably saw it. Or not :/
      It's the Schrödinger's snake!


    • i only know this snake... heehehe



  •  ı've looked at the picture for 5 minutes but ı didn't find anything :D  there is just so much stick :D

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