•°● Far Down •°●

A well with no depth
Blackness down .they say that the water ,
Goes down to the underground ،
They say that they have tried to measure it's length
But the long rope ended and the depth didn't end
It's far down in the earth core ,
Finally they fenced it to protect people ,
From swimming down to their death ,
However it the Arab history books there is that story
A man pail fall down and his rope was cut
While others around him took their share of water
He delayed getting his pail until night ,
Because many where standing around
And at night he dived deep in the Blackness of its water
And struggled with death to woke up in a path .
The path lead him to a cave .
And the cave opened to another world .
With rivers , forest , lakes and strange trees.
Then someone told him he must leave
He left with a tree leave like an elephant ear ,
To proof his journey .
But when he came out .
He was there for 3 days .
People were about to leave .
They thought he was drowned .
This is a mystery .
Days ago I took a tour in our Valley and went to see the Wells around our house .
Old wells digged by our grandfathers there were sculpted in stones and rocks .
I wonder where did they get their strength to do such a tiresome job .
They were deep down .
But all the Wells were fenced to protect people and each well have its name .
Our parents used to tell us horrible stories to keep us away from them
However they story that I mentioned up is the most terrifying of them all .
The wall isn't in our Valley but in another village in the north .

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  • Good one! 

  • Nice story, dear Rosemary.

    Ancient legends and mystical stories have been told all over the world. It's about people's fears, but also about dreams and expectations. I always enjoy reading them. It gets more interesting when there are old legends near our hometown, and we know these places.

  • I read the story with rapt attention. Good old days....Thanks for sharing with us.


    * I got a new word here- pail. Is there any difference between pail and bucket? 

    • Oi, bhai. In general terms, a pail and a bucket look alike and serve for the same purpose. Usually a pail is used to carry water or milk, whereas a bucket can be used to carry other items besides warter or milk. To make it funnier, in some regions people claim they use a bucket to lift water from  a well and then pour the water into a pail to cary it where it is needed.


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