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  Some words are so inspiring they can give you alot of energy or a big push toward your dreams . One of which is " Go after knowledge even if it is in far away China " . This saying explicit the depth of Islamic teaching and holify seeking knowledge to the degree that you might launch a journey for an information .
  Throughout the Islamic history muslim scholars used to travel seeking certain information or checking them . They have created their own methodology of investigating the correctness of the information , where the outstanding rule says " you shouldn't know the truth from a mouth of men , know the truth first and then you will find truthful men " and there is their strategy of " knowing men " where you can question the honesty and truthfulness of their knowledge.

   Men devoting their lives for knowledge treasured any kind of informations . They were traveling to big Islamic cities looking for them . A related story to my topic , mentioned : that a man travelled in search for one of prophet Mohammad peace be upon him " hadeth " When seeing the man of the " hadeth " from far away calling a cat and pretending to give the small animal something to eat while there's nothing in his hand . The man turned his back going from where he came . Saying how can I trust a man who lie to a act .

   So , follow the chain of narrative of knowledge where men stood in each 100 years to resemble a layer of muslim scholars , follow them they are telling the precise truth . They are scattered in far away villages in upper Egypt on the tops of Morrocan hights , in the depth of the Sahra desert and far far away on the borders of far away China . The chain go back to the followers of prophet Mohammad peace be upon him him , then to his close compaines then , to the prophet him self may Allah peace and blessings be upon him and the Holy Spirit and finally ends to Allah The Almighty where all human knowledge bow there .


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  • You are absolutely right  . I have missed many places and here is a famous and a real story of a young man , who was born in Adluos Spain and started travelling  . Finally his journey took him to Rome as a Christian at  the end of his life  "Leon the African " is a real story written in a form of a novel by Ameen Maloof  a Lebanese author  . I failed to download the novel cover here  .

           Thanks for reading my blog and have a nice day Adriano. 



  • Hello, A nice article ...You didn't express Spain/Endulus ,Persia and Anatolia....There are many holy stories in every holy religions..


    • You have a nice day too...I read all kind of blogs, I didnt buy my green warrior medal from a cheap market...


      • :) 

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