Fancy a tapa?

          Noisy or annoying for some and pleasant meeting points for others. Like in my language, they have several names; cocktail bars, saloon, pubs, coffee bars, lounge room, sport bars... maybe it changes the sort of environment but at the end all they have a common denominator, the local where friends meet each other in order to chat while having some drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Spain owns the most quantity of bars per person but you can realise that not only Spaniards like this habits but also tourists who are even majority in some areas mostly near the coast.

What's the secret of its success? In my view I think it's part of our culture, a matter of character or lifestyle, unlike Northern Europeans we may tend to coexist outdoors and it will also have influence for the improvement of a local gastronomic culture. Actually, not only Spanish or Mediterranean gastronomy is in fashion but also the way of consuming and living the leisure time around these locals.

Obviously tapas are essential in every Spanish bar, they are small portions of elaborated food served with every drink you're having, normally wine or beer.

It's so common hanging out with our mates after work for a few tapas and mostly in this season when terrraces flourish everywhere.

Summing up 'tapear' is synonymous with having fun with friends and mingle.

So, fancy a tapa?

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  • Dear Besamina,

    It,s an honour to me call me this way ;)

    If you ever come, you'll be a 'guiri' to me :D

  • Hello Mishaikh,

    The Middle East is my pending matter. Hope to fix it someday and visit at least one dhaba in your country.

    Nice seeing you. Thank you for your time and reading.

  • Hello Zivi,

    you made me remember the only beer garden I visited in Munich, I loved it! The weather was not an impediment to taste the big mug of Paulaner with a sausage.  Ohhh... I need to repeat it :D

  • Roman... I wonder what do you mean with 'ugly' :o    Don't make me anxious! 

  • hello mzungu, I think it is cool having a get together of the like. 

  • In my country they are called Dhaba. But they only serve meal, soft drinks and tea.
  • yeah Estanis, I´d fancy a tapa in case I lived in your country. But also here In Germany we have out beergardens. Just the weather is not always suitable.

    Tanks for the blog

  • Thank you very much for an invitation, dear Estanis! :D

    ButI I am sorry, if you wanted to watch it live in Kiev, you should have asked me to buy the tickets at least some months ago. BTW, how fast are those tickets on final getting completely sold? Something is hinting me that in the first days after the start of selling. :D

    Ah and I have at least two bad news about this final in Kiev. If you want, I can tell you, but it is just ugly.

  • Just it Roman!... an invitation to do it.  Glee and I will take you to the best places to enlighten you ;)

    (.... after watching the final champions league in Kiev)

  • Hi Estanis!

    I don't know what "Fancy a tapa?" mean, but I would like to taste those tapas one day! :)

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