Our Family is the most important persons in our life. Especially our parents. They took care of us for so many years. While we were in our mother's womb, we didn't know that they are being so careful so that we can be safe. They always protect us. They always suffer because of us. Our father works for us to earn money. While our father works busy, our mother is taking care of us in the house. She cleans the entire house, feeds us, wash our clothes and many more just to make us happy. Don't argue with your parents because they are only one, you can't find someone like them because they are only one. They are the only one who can love us so much. They have the perfect love for us. When you argue with them, you didn't know that they are being hurt. That's why, when they get old, it's your turn to pay them. Take care of them and love them just like what they did. Let's always remember that we should always love them. Don't fight back when they get angry and shout at you because you don't know what they feel. You should just comfort them and make them calm.
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  • Maraming salamat para sa iyong blog, Yusra Bint Omar L. Amatonding. Ako sandali ikaw, gusto ko kaibigan mo. We cannot repay them, whatever we do, and the difference was simple. They did it for us to live. We do it for them as a duty. I would not say, we wish them to leave this world for us to rest, but that was deep inside us. Nice blog, Amatonding.

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