false love

The silence of the night goes on

He teaches me to love words

And urges me with them

A hell of love was given

I cannot burden that love

That night, I could see nothing

But his whisperings

An assurance of affection

How can I fly with broken wings?

The silence of the night goes on

Without you, I cannot be.

Definitely, I couldn't deny it.

All the years passed by, but

A foul play has been going on

Is it possible to lie to me?

But why?

The thirst of red nights increase 

He always makes me happy but

The silence of the night goes on!



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  • Very nice poem . i am really appreciate 

  • very nice and true 

  • I really like the poems,

    and it's so sad...

  • Xie xie Jena Xidai! I really appreciate your comment. Can I be one of your friends? Thanks.

  • I like this poem,tks for sharing.

  • Gamza hamnida, Inha! Hello, Inha, where have you been? Thanks for your nice words.

  • nice poem..

  • Watashi you shinjltee kudasaiyei, Tam. Believe me, Tam, I do not know much about poems. I am just trying to use it to express some of what inside me. Thanks, Tam for your encouraging words.

  • It's a nice poem. Do you like to write poems? You are romantic.

  • Mashkoora ya Rosemary! Thanks for pressing the like button.

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