Facebook oh Facebook

Facebook oh Facebook.

“We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you,” Zuckerberg wrote.

This what I read when I was sipping my tea few days ago afternoon. Facebook has been undergoing the hardest time after 50 million data of FB user is stolen by Cambridge Analytica. It starts when Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Wylie, discloses that they spend $1M harvesting millions of FB profiles. Wylie himself is a former employee of CA. Reading how Zuckerberg gives reaction and apology make me think that he is genuinely gentlemen. Appreciate it and I strongly believe he’s been working hard to make better regulation on FB.

Today, I’ve just heard some big names together delete their FB business account! Elon Musk in his Twitter gives feedback to Brian Acton, Whatsapp founder, deleting his FB account. When he was being asked about SpaceX and Tesla, he firmly mentioned that he didn’t realize there was one. Elon took this case seriously for safety reason and he deleted FB account of SpaceX and Tesla, you wouldn’t find it anymore in FB now! Followed by Mozilla as well.

My FB account was deactivated few years ago, because I didn’t use it too much and lame to me, personally. But powerful for whose business account for advertising, branding and networking. Whatever, I don’t support action of removing FB forever. Regulate FB, don’t remove it. Zuckerberg, I am rooting for you! Be brave and I trust in YOU. Work harder!

Now, I am going to convey my opinion as investor in stock market. Shares of Facebook nearly fell 7% over the course of last week and went up 0.7% after Zuckerberg made statement of apology. Bearish for FB, time to gradually buy while keep an eyes to the situation.

Have a fantabulous weekend! Keep on the roll.


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  • @Hman Yes, this is one of Trump's smart way building up public opinion psychologically. Cambridge helps him on experimenting specific characteristic of people. So they able to make a proper campaign. Then, boom! hahah. Welcome new President.

  • @Roman : No...at all :)

  • I use it. It has made bad mistakes about sharing some datas of members. It helped those to separate vote of England and UK. It helped those to bring Trump in power. 

  • Yes, but do you use it as a social network? I mean, do you use it somehow, except work or advertising? :)

  • @Roman Facebook powerful enough for advertising, promotion, and networking:) It works out great for your work.

  • @Rose  In this case, Facebook committed mistake by letting 3rd party acquired private data of 50 million FB user. Initially, Cambridge had been approved by FB to do research by getting only hundreds of data. Unlucky, it was ended up by losing 50 million data. So, I see FB also a victim of Cambridge which has broken the law. Learn from this case, I agree with you that we should protect and share private data accordingly. For the sake of safety. If we care enough, every platform's been provided with privacy feature and we can use it. Not 100% guarantee, but at least misuse of data can be reduced.

  • @dara : Zuckerberg is working hard I do believe, for better regulation. By the way, tea and good English articles are my favorite part haha. I am into it:)

  • Hi Peony!

    It seems, you like FB so very much. :)

  • I think we are united in the opinion that's a crime. There isn't to say anything else.

    The world wide web gives us sheer endless opportunities, but there are also countless risks.
    The problem of hackers isn't new, and also legal users of social networks may not always have the best intentions, as we have to realize once more.
    The security department of FaceBook has missed checking what apps with access to which data of the FaceBook members they have, and what they do with those data.
    If a company like FaceBook allows that Apps get connected with FaceBook, then, FaceBook also has a responsibility what they do on their platform.

    But there is also another point.
    Unfortunately, many users of social networks are too careless with their privacy.
    They don't use the security settings to secure their dates.
    We should be aware that every single information, all our pictures, all chats, all likes, and so on, don't disappear if we once had published them.
    Even if we delete our account, it doesn't help.
    Every one of us has carefully to think about that what he shares.
    Very simply said, by pressing the button "ENTER" we release everything into the net. Released things, we can not bring back. It's impossible, even we delete them.

  • Halo Peopney, saya takoot Facebook hancur. Twitter atau My EC akan baik. Excuse my broken Bahasa, I meant that a great deal of damage happened to that famous website. Twitter and our English Club can be better. it is just a hunch. Don't read while you drink tea. Thanks for sharing

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