what is happening to me? I am referring to my recent discussion about the traits of the good wife. The members gave their different views about the good wife. Most of them preferred the kind hearted woman.  There was a sort of a general agreement or a consensus about their opinions.  What is the secret that lies behind the beautiful eyes? Some people collapse when they appear suddenly in front of them. Others just keep looking at them or are just mesmerized. I agree with the saying, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Of course, different people have different perspectives or thoughts about beauty. Some women are so beautiful, you could not take your eyes off them. This is what is eating me. I have experienced many situations like that. I just keep asking myself, whether I want my wife to have all those qualities all together!

 The woman who knows how to take care of her husband.  Whenever he looks at her she brings pleasure and delight to him. When he orders her she obeys. She does not quarrel or make a fuss about everything. She can give her opinion. If he swears, she will fulfill that oath at once. Later on, she might have her own reasons and she would try to explain and convince him that his opinion was not right owing to this and that. If he goes away, she will always look after his house, his belongings and of course, herself.

I wonder what will happen if the woman has all those traits plus the outer appearance. I mean the face and what it contains. The hair, the lips, the nose and above all the eyes. God ordered us to lower the gaze. We have the first look but not the second. Frankly, I do not know what is the secret that lies behind the eyes? Or why do I like them so much?  Some women look at you and their wishes or commands shall be answered immediately.  All she has to do is to look at you. They say that 'eyes talk'. A great deal of meaning is conveyed by a  single look from their eyes.


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  • Deer manana Imshafi! Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Icha, kemana saja kamu? Saya tidak melihat kamu online tentang lama. Semoga kamu baik. Where have you been, Icha? Are you fine? Regarding our topic, the eyes, I have nothing to say but they melt us as if when you pour salt into water. They are the mirrors of our heart. To some extent, I go with you, but what about the yellow smile or the yellow look? As they say. They can give the opposite pictures to our inner feelings in certain occasions. Remember the teeth of the lion. If you see them, do not think that the lion is smiling. Thanks, Icha for your nice intervention. 

  • I thought there are two topics that I understood of this blog. The first one was about the beauty of woman generally and then then the second one was the strength of the eyes itself. Pardon me I am wrong to understand about what your aim.

    My point of view for the first topic that I couldn’t more agree with you. What you said above it is written in Quran and hadith as well. Generally we can take a conclusion that behind a great man there is a good woman.

    For the second one, I think that eyes is representing what in our heart and mind. Sometimes we know one is lying from his/her eyes. Even though I have ever read that the movement of eye (up and down or left and right) it could show that s/he is making a deceit or not. On the other hand we can admire the stare of the one’s eyes. So, it is true that we can fall in love starting from the eyes hehehe…   

    Thanks for the nice writing Sir. Have a lovely day. 

  • Mr. dara gino you are right, when we visual pleasure it is including all belonging

  • Sungay Imshafi, mala Pushtu narazi. Eyes are our presence in this world. If we lose them, we are out of the world, but let's go back to their eyes. Do you know that some of us will hope for one look from the woman he loves? If he has it in one day, it will keep him strong for the rest of his day. My equation is as follows, the good qualities of the wife + the eyes = happiness for the last day of your life. Imshafi, am I mistaken?

  • Eyes are including of five sense it means we have five kind of pleasure,so eyes are one of those ways to enjoy from life

  • Williams, Precious and Jamshed thanks for pressing the like button of Eyes. I hope you add any opinion about the eyes too. Thanks to all of you!

  • Saya setuju dengan kamu Peppo. Saya benar benar. I will tell my family to help me to know about the manners and the nature of this woman. But I was wondering if my family tells me that that woman is good and she has those eyes that melt the strongest man in the world, what am I going to do? You know what? Sometimes I feel like putting her near the TV and keep her there for looking only, lol. It's an exaggeration to show that the woman with the beautiful eyes is something else.Thanks Peppo for your nice comment!

  • Lakin ya Rosemary, Mishaikh gal alooyun assood bas fi shiir fagat. Bas ana shuft  fi alwagii hajat tajanin. According to Mr. Mishaikh, he told said, we find those eyes in poems only. Do you agree with him? You know a lot about poems, my dear friend. I want to say that I have witnessed such lovely eyes during many occasions. I was about to faint and lose my consciousness. Let me go back and tell my friend, Mishaikh that I have seen them in real life too. Thanks, Rosemary for your Arabic lines about the eyes. Hey, Rose. not the Arabs, but other nationalities have them too. For instance, look at the Indians, the Pakistanis, the French. Beauty is in every country and everywhere. Thanks for your nice comment on Eyes!  

  • Dear Mr. Daragino. I think I know what you meant. How come you will decide someone to be your wife if you only allowed to see her eyes once. well, that's easy I guess. God creates so many eyes for you. If you are interested in a girl from what you see, a first meeting maybe. you can ask for help from your family to 'investigate' that girl through their channels. Their information will help you to decide your next movement. whether you will change your mind or go to her family to ask her hands in marriage. 

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