what is happening to me? I am referring to my recent discussion about the traits of the good wife. The members gave their different views about the good wife. Most of them preferred the kind hearted woman.  There was a sort of a general agreement or a consensus about their opinions.  What is the secret that lies behind the beautiful eyes? Some people collapse when they appear suddenly in front of them. Others just keep looking at them or are just mesmerized. I agree with the saying, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Of course, different people have different perspectives or thoughts about beauty. Some women are so beautiful, you could not take your eyes off them. This is what is eating me. I have experienced many situations like that. I just keep asking myself, whether I want my wife to have all those qualities all together!

 The woman who knows how to take care of her husband.  Whenever he looks at her she brings pleasure and delight to him. When he orders her she obeys. She does not quarrel or make a fuss about everything. She can give her opinion. If he swears, she will fulfill that oath at once. Later on, she might have her own reasons and she would try to explain and convince him that his opinion was not right owing to this and that. If he goes away, she will always look after his house, his belongings and of course, herself.

I wonder what will happen if the woman has all those traits plus the outer appearance. I mean the face and what it contains. The hair, the lips, the nose and above all the eyes. God ordered us to lower the gaze. We have the first look but not the second. Frankly, I do not know what is the secret that lies behind the eyes? Or why do I like them so much?  Some women look at you and their wishes or commands shall be answered immediately.  All she has to do is to look at you. They say that 'eyes talk'. A great deal of meaning is conveyed by a  single look from their eyes.


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  • Kunichiwa soshti arigato! It's indeed the window for the world. They also say that the blind man departed from the world although he is still living. Their talking is what makes us in a hole. Thanks, Tam!

  • There is a proverb in Japan. It is "The eye is the window of the mind(The eyes say more than the mouth).

  • Muchas gracias Joseph! Si senior, the members did a good job about that. Thanks!

  • Merci Abdennour! Je suis d'accord avec toi. I really agree with you, my dear Nour. Thank you!

  • Good comment about treats of a woman

  • What kills people is an enticing smile.

  • Kimon acho Khan? Valo achi tumi! We do not just fall, but we melt in front of them. Sometimes we are tongue tied. Thanks, for your nice words.

  • Nanndree mod Nadira! Indeed, with our eyes we can see the world. They also, reflect our inner soul. Thanks mod. Nadira for your nice and wise comment!
  • eyes  mesmerizes ...it is  the mirror of one's soul

  • Iya, istri saya sangat bagus, dan saya cinta dya banyak. My wife is a good person and she takes care of me and my kids, too. 

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