Expressions of thoughts

We were born free , sadly we do not live  free!

Yet  we are  blessed  with expression of thoughts and the will to do why  we  wish! or else we will be like   jailed birds muffeld in our very own clothings!


In todays context of a fast and free world  we are able to exercise and  voice our rights and  enjoy what would have been un thinakable in an era's gone by

Voicing  ones  feelings  are  very good as long as it is not sickly and hurt people in the  long run. Good critiscism is very appreciative for ones self  growth and  development . Usually people do not like  to  be labeled or critiscized, good freinds or relative do it  as  much as of concern and care.

Through  expression  of thoughts  we are  able to interact , thus developing our individuality and being focussed

We may not  agree, but  we learn to get along in society in general.

Suppressing ones  emotions  are not  good , as long as one knows  how to voice out  ones  feeelings  and thoughts.

Demeaning people  will not create  a bondage but hate, anger anguish and pain

We  do not  need  hate in our lives we  were  born to be loved , appreciated  both by the young and older generations.  

Through love much could be conquered, through hate and greed one inherits anguish, frustration and loss of unity amongst family and friendhip among freinds


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  • Nadira ma'am,

    What an incredible blog, with nice and beautiful thoughts, I totally agree with what you expressed above - though my opinion is, one should never compromise when we are witnessing other persons being denigrated, harassed or humiliated, then we as fellow humans has a huge responsibility in raising our voice.

    Thank you for reposting it - very nice share.

    And that little boy, looks just so adorably cute.
  • @Roman
    Hi Roman..
    I am sure you will be more expressive.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  • @Paula
    Thank you and yes the pic's are nice :))
  • Hi Nadira, i have just read your blog! You are right and i have the problem to express my thoughts, even in my native language:) It is really hard to express everything that i feel... Good that my friends can understand some my expressions clear:) Thank you for sharing. Your blog has made me think:)

  • Nice blog Nadira!!!!  Thanks for sharing......Love the pics!!!

  • Nice thoughts Nadira!

    Sometimes, restrictions on expression of thoughts are useful as they act as the protector of others right of not to be hurt by anyone (Racially or religiously).

  • Criticism should be made to help others, not to make them feel bad.
  • I agree with you, Bill. People should use that responsability that comes with the freedom of speech. Many times they don't know how to control that. It's really important!
  • In my country of the USA freedom of speech is strongly protected.  And I thank God for this freedom.  But I also believe with freedom of speech comes responsibility when we use it.  It should be used for good, and criticism should be constructive (meant to build up other people to help them).  Sometimes freedom of speech is abused in my country and can be very offensive to others.  When that happens I am disappointed in those who abuse it.  But I still support freedom of speech even when I disagree with others who abuse it.  Personally I try to be responsible when I use it.  And my hope is that as freedom of speech is supported more and more around the world it will open us to understanding of others and will keep us from being isolated and narrow-minded.  If love and respect is behind our speech, love and understanding can spread globally.
  • If we spread love around us we may contaminate stone hearts and hatred and darkness will disappear. Nice thoughts dear sister. I add my voice to yours.
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