Yes, you say "I don't think it is the case.", rather than "I think it is not the case.",  if you think something is not the case. 

That is, if 'think', 'suppose', 'believe' or 'imagine' is used to introduce a negative idea, you say 'I don't think...', 'I don't suppose...', etc. The usage is called 'transferred negation'. 

You also say 'I don't think so.', 'I don't suppose so.', etc - in a negative 'short answer' structure. 

The word 'hope', on the other hand, is an exception, for example, you say 'I hope they won't come.', not 'I don't hope they will come.'

So, you can try to make some sentences by using this structure - you can say "I don't think Expector knows all the grammar rules.", but not "I think Expector doesn't know all the grammar rules."

Hope it helps! 

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  • Thanks, Komala!

  • Very Helpful.. thanks for highlighting this for us, especially me.. to be honest, i have actually been using this ( I think she's not part of the team) wrongly.

  • You're welcome, Daniel!

  • Thanks for such a wonderful information about English usage Expector. 

  • Hi Afro,

    In fact, yesterday I was so upset when China's national football team lost again - words fail me!

    By the way, you should have used 'present perfect tense' in the second sentence - 'what has happened' rather than 'what had happened'.


  • I don't know whether she came home yesterday. But, I hope she will not be upset to find out what had happened during her absence!

  • @Rajib

    Thanks for making the sentences. All the sentences are grammatically correct except for #2 "I don't suppose to be looser." 

    I assume you mean "I don't suppose him/her to be a looser." or "I'm not supposed to be a looser." 


    Great! You used the structure corretly.


    You, too, used the structure correctly - it seems there are some typos in some of the sentences: 'be afraid to do something', 'if we set our goal...'

    Keep it up!

  • Dear Smith! Thanks for the advice. 

     I don't think I will fit for the job.

    I hope failure will not come to my door, again to make me weaken.

    I don't think I will afraid to make sentences using/applying the tips.

    I don't think life is much difficult if set our goal perfectly.

    I hope her sorrow never let me touch.

  • Dear Expector, Thank you for this week's grammar. 

    My sentences are,

    I don't think she is ready for this job

    I don't suppose you know where this bus goes

    I hope she doesn't wake up in the middle

    I don't think she knows what she wants

  • Expector Smith

    It is very effective. I have made some sentences what is given bellow:

    1. I don't think that I will be loosing continuously.

    2. I don't suppose to be looser.

    3. I hope the storm will not come again.

    Thanks a lot

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