Excessive smoking

He took one cigarette and inhaled it very fast. Then he took another one. He coughed and coughed again. The nervousness was clear. He tried to open the window to smell the fresh air, but he was not able to. Then he thought of reaching the phone to call her. That was also a failure. Then he thought seriously of opening the window, but to his surprise, he could not and his limbs seemed to fail him too.  He began to cough again and again. His body began to shiver. His doctor had, thousand times, told him to stay away from smoking.

He tried to drag himself towards the direction of the door. Nothing,  he knew that his days were coming to an end. A time for reminiscence. The face of his wife appeared in front of him holding his head to give him the medicine. He used to smoke cigarettes excessively, more than was necessary. As the matter of fact, smoking is not necessary. He used to light the cigarettes with the end of the previous one. One after the other. He did not stop smoking only during meals or  if he was drinking something, but apart from that his whole time was spent smoking. Driving his car, buying his needs, taking a shower, talking to his family or friends. during duty hours.

His friends tried to tell him that was not healthy and it might lead to a serious disease. They did not know that it leads to the cancer of the lung which he had thirteen months ago. When his wife came back from work he had already passed out. The cigarette butts were surrounding him while he lay there. 

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  • Lilfageed arrahma. Allah yarhamu wa yarham jamee mauta almuslimeen. May Allah have mercy on his soul. 

  •       Oh my friend.........It is, exactly, my uncle's story. Oh my God......How much I loved him!! And how much I miss him. He passed away 4 years ago after a long battle with lungs' cancer. God mercy his soul.

  • Fiker nahi karo Devil! Matlab, don't worry. vaisei, meri umur stawan sal. Abi, meri tumhari dost chaiyei, mumkin? I hope to be one of your friends. Try to lessen the number of cigarettes during the day. 

  • Boy you made me worried abt my lungs but someone can smoke all the time unbelievable 

  • Assalammualaikum, Sir :)
    Sad story ... regret always comes too late. Take a good care of our health is the most important . 

  • Salam Precious, ap duaa karo. meri matalba, Allah taala ka riza. I am hoping to get the satisfaction of Allah. Thanks for your time.

  • Nasilsin dooste khobam Batuhan va teskkur ederim. Some governments banned the advertisement for cigarettes, besides it is forbidden to smoke inside the governmental places, and inside airplanes. Can you imagine! the effect of this, Batu! Thanks for your time.

  • Khaili mamnun Fahime. Some rich unhealthy people say, "take our wealth and give me a spoon of Health" You are most welcome. Thanks for your time.

  • It is seen at society very often, we can do for them only give advice and told them it is harmful for human body and total environment. You have no right to take cigarette public place, it should be prohibited by law. many diseases creates by cigarette. it is the main causes of  death. So, we should need social revolution against this.

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