Since early years of our childhood, we learnt virtues in all its forms. We read religion's books which incited us to love each other, altruism, donation, brotherhood and honesty. We also read about patriotism which stimulated us to love our countries and the coexistence. We learnt history books which taught us examples from the past and inspiration .

Because we were children, we interacted with contents of our lessons. Our good nature helped us a lot to keep the lessons in our minds, furthermore they stuck on our tongues. We didn’t encounter difficulties as long as we were young so we didn’t apply what we learnt on reality.
Sooner, we become mature individuals. Then the time of truth have come. The practical examination have just started. What we learnt yesterday we should apply them as life is full of daily difficult situations that are required a real honesty.

Unfortunately the proportions of success for the examinations would be low though we are still speak about moral as fake babbles. I really don’t know why we don’t comprehend what we learn before. What the advantage of learning in the childhood period if we don’t apply them .

The question is directed to myself firstly, as I am still a stupid man, of course not directed to perfect and moralist humans.


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  • Alustath Tafeeq laisa gabian! Mr. Tawfeeq is a smart man. Of course, we cannot remember all of what had been given to us. We remember some and forget most of them. Thanks for sharing.

    • The novels, stories, and collections of poetry may be lost in the mists of time but the standers and norms of life will be lasted with us to the last breathes. Many thanks dear dara, your comment is appreciated.   

  • Learning subjects at schools is different from educating ourselves because we learn at schools for a purpose which is getting markets to pass exams ..so we are forced to read many different subjects which we are not interested in them and we don't apply them in our reality.I think education after schools affects us more because we choose what we learn and we can get benefits from what we have read .

    Thank you Tawfeeq for this important topic . I'm really happy to be here again and to read your blogs after a long time . Best wishes .

    • Hi Hala,

      The education does not prevent cultured people from committing sins.

      They very often violate the standard of conduct. Maybe we generally  have a shortage of the moral foundation.

      Anyway , I seek to find an answer from such a difficult question and the comments enrich me a lot.

       Thank you dear Hala for you nice comment. Welcome back to EC.I am so happy to see you here again.

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    • Being honest or fair is a kind of bravery and cleverness, it is unlike stupidity. It is also very hard to be honest man whereas it is very easy to be a bad man.
      Why exist evil at all? The question realistic enough to be debated. Well, as far as I am concerned, no doubt, there is another life after this one, so we should be careful and avoid bad evil. We here in this life to see if we can take evil's path or take virtue's path. To choose either heaven or hell with severe torment.
      Though virtue has its reward so for being a good man you should be carry on but we always are oriented to do wrong things.
      It’s a pleasure to read such a nice and useful comment. Thank you very much ella.

  • Hi ella Do you really think that our knowledge is not thing to do to what we decide or do!! We learned standards and it's supposed to be our path to live peacefully. You have listed above right questions which reflect declining of human to wrong way although he knows very well the bad aftermath of his bad doing. But WHY do we opposite the right and go to the wrong path? Such question I think about endlessly and still no answer to my satisfaction. Thank you ella for your valuable comment.

  • Yes we are living in materialistic world where we wished to be viewed as gentle,  generous, moralist rather being truly gentle, generous  moralist. Btw your accent is good. Nice blog 

    • Hi Arif. Materialistic world has greatly complicated our conducts. The majority  people who live in countryside are more spontaneity thought they are less educated.

      Thank you for your opinion of my accent. I appreciate your comment on my blog.    



    First of all, I would like to congratulate you. You have done a good job. Your pronunciation in the recording is clear and easy to understand. The tempo and emphasis are also good, at least for my understanding.

    Now, some thoughts to your investigation.
    Do you know? Each human being has been born as an innocent creature with a pure mind.
    There are no evil thoughts, no hate, no prejudices, there are only trust in their parents and curiosity for life.
    Upbringing, education, social circumstances, interpretation of religion and politics, good and bad experiences, do change the purity of birth and determine the future.
    Children are innocent with an endless trust in adults. That makes it easy to lead them, but as well to seduce them to do good or evil things.

    You are not a stupid man, tawfeeq, because a stupid man wouldn't ask that kind of questions.
    Nobody has to be perfect and a moralist...but humanly.

    Of course, life as a child is not life of adults. Disappointments, failures, personal and social as well political events and circumstances determine who we become and are. Nevertheless, it's not always an excuse for everything. We've got something that's called "our conscience". As long as we can say we have a pure conscience, we are good.


    • Hi Rose, I am glad to hear that my pronunciation is good. Your evaluation is always very welcomed.

      You point your finger at the reasons of keeping people change in their lives, when you said" Upbringing, education, social circumstances, interpretation of religion and politics, good and bad experiences………" Yes, I agree with you, all of these factors contribute to make us as  adult persons. But we have ethical fixed norms and we shouldn't go behind them.  

      Even though "nobody has to be perfect" but sometimes , I have romantic dream, I wish if I could not corrupted by the dirt that surrounds me and live my life as a child.

      Thank you Rose for your very treasured comment. It shads a light on many good points.

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