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  •  The link is working =)  I listened to your voice msg..  

    Its great idea doing this voice msg.. its kinda like podcast. 

    I like it   =)

  • I listened to your recording, Peony.

    Your voice is clear, your pronunciation good, I could understand every single word.


    • Thanks for your positive and encouraging comment. I know there is unintentional error here and there, but I will take this to motivate myself and keep practice. Thanks to you for posting useful blog about English, it helps me too. Have a nice day!

  •  Thanks for your advices, best wishes for you and reach all your dreams Peony. 

    • I thought I made mistake when I was talking. I didn’t elaborate about “dream” correctly. It was just an example, not my actual dreams.

      And what I wanted to emphasize was: There is no instant success. I know this is one of my flaws. Difficult to deliver what’s on my mind correctly when it comes to speaking.

      Let’s practice again next time haha!

  • it works, its nice to hear you, it is nice to listen your spoken english, good job!

    • You’re welcome! Thanks for dropping by. A cup of coffee or tea?

  • The link works perfectly here too, Peopny. Indeed, nice recording, pleasant to ear voice. 

    Sticking to the point...From my own experience I can say that dreams do come true (just as you say when we"turn them into action")

    Wishing you to be as successful as you dream. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Exactly right. All in vain if we stop at just dreaming. We have to work on every dream we hold and make it happened. Think positively, because not every dream is meant to be true. Later, we'll know, there is another frame of plan that actually meant to be ours :))

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