English Slangs. informal conversation 1

In my opinion English is some kind of different when English natives speak ,because they use a lot of slangs, idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs, which for non native English speakers find it difficult to understand. So I share it to you guys, so we could learned from it.

here is an example;

Layne : I feel like having a ball, Let's splurge.

Kurt : I cant come with you, I'm broke.

Layne: Nothing to be worry. I'll pick up the tab. Im loaded today. I'll treat you.

Kurt : No, we'll go Dutch. I dont like freeload.

Here is the meaning of slangs used on the conversation

have a ball = enjoy one's self, have a good time

splurge = spend a lot of money for something

broke = having no money

pick up the tab = pay the bill

loaded = having lots of money

treat = pay for someone else

go Dutch =each pay for himself/herself

freeload =get things that others pay for

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  • Belkiz, Yeah,,, I learned that your english is cool and you used lots of slangs on Mainroom, I hope you like my idiom blogs :D:D:D cheeerss!!!!

  • Jess , I use so many slangs oh my gosh
  • Aayushi, thank you for liking it.!

  • Maya, You made me laughed, its really nice that you made your slangs on a big sentences. thanks dear for such an amazing comment,,,,  Ouch my nose is hurting!!! thanks for another example.

    Me myself coudnt figured out what the do you mean on your comment..

    thanks for the example. So nice of you!!! cheer up! 

  • Blimey! I felt like a tosser after reading this blog of yours. I can't even figured out what's the meaning of some slang words you used. I'm chuffed of you my dearest friend. I thought you're just a nutter. Hahaha! I'm gobsmacked! Really! I'm sure you were full of beans while doing this huh?! Having an idea and make it as a blog is a piece of cake for you now. I'm having a hard time thinking what will be my comment on this as its not easy to use slang words if you're not knowledgeable of it.....and this not my cup of tea. And in addition to that.... You're disturbing me on my fb chat while I'm doing this comment so I'm out of idea. Hehehe! Give me a break! Lolz! Btw, I used idioms here too.

    Blimey - my goodness
    Tosser - idiot
    Chuffed - proud
    Nutter - crazy person
    Gobsmacked - amazed
    Piece of cake - easy
    Full of beans - having loads of energy
    Not my cup of tea - something not to your liking
  • Malkeet, you can review this post and other coming  stuffs of my post, Im planning to post regularly, somehow weekly. :D:D I'm also trying so hard to remember these things.

  • April, thanks for finding it out useful.

  • Nice and useful blog, thank for sharing

  • Setareh, thank you, for liking it.

  • Nice one, it is actually so informative. thanks for sharing.

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