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I am new member in EC .First  I don't how utilize the web site, now i am understand this web site using methods little 

Mian chat room-  we can chat  with many persons  here they are coming all over the world .

blogs-  we can  create nice blog  and share our ideas   we become good writer  . we get response form others  they will help us.

videos - we can  see here many videos  and  we can share videos here

Vocie - we  can add our voice  in our pages or our friend page by using this web sites  will help  http://vocaroo.com and http://audioboo.fm forum, groups

Photos-  It is nice  add  photos here.  we can add many beautiful pictures here 

Forum -  that nice thing and we can  active in it 

Gorups -  we can join groups 

In main page of EC  we can see  many usable  links  like- learn English , Crammer, Vocabulary, Teach English  and  many website links like BBC raido  etc  

I think it is great webs site   to help  who learn English 

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  • Yeah, you got it!
  • Hello VKBabu nice to see you in EnglishClub.

    Have a good time with EC.

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