In my mind the English language is something that is very difficult. I do not understand why it has been very difficult for me to understand and use this language because there are a lot of words I do not understand. Sometimes I envy friend so fluent in English. But I'm not giving up I'm sure I can. The results will not betray the efforts. I think I just need little more time to be able to speak English. In this club I have learnt a lot and improved my knowledge of English. I hope I can speak English.

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  • Can- do attitude will help you to get succeed. I wish you luck.

  • if you have the experience of learning chinese, you might be felt lucky that you have choose to learning english. LOL.

  • I am also inspired by your positive thinking!

  •  @Nimzaf and @Alice E. Thanks to all of you who have given me the passion to continue learning :)

  •  @Expector Smith Thank you friend has a passion for me to continue to write in English here, I hope you can help me to learn English.

  • And have fun while you're learning, makes everything easier to absorb! :)

  • Do not keep any doubt Aniska,you have stepped to the correct place to learn English.There are plenty of teachers here to help us.I also in same boat.After I joined with MyEc,I improved my English knowlede very speedily.Be with us,shear your knowlede with MyEc.Give some time,you will feel the different.
  • Great.

    I'm pleased you said you wouldn't give up - the thumbs up to you!

    In fact, so many of us here enjoyed your English. Keep it up!

  • It may not be so hard to start with some simple English words or sentences, but it does take a lot of time and effort to have mastery of the language.

    For example, English can be as simple as 'I love you.' or 'Thank you.' 

    Then, how about 'They had me over a barrel.' or 'She's got a chip on her shoulder...'? Can you say 'this my dog' (order of determiners)?

    The good news is that you may not need to be that fluent in English. 

    Good luck.

  • @dara gino Yes ,you are my friend. a very good friend who has been willing to help me in learn English, thank you dara

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