In my mind the English language is something that is very difficult. I do not understand why it has been very difficult for me to understand and use this language because there are a lot of words I do not understand. Sometimes I envy friend so fluent in English. But I'm not giving up I'm sure I can. The results will not betray the efforts. I think I just need little more time to be able to speak English. In this club I have learnt a lot and improved my knowledge of English. I hope I can speak English.

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  • Kamu lupa, saya injin menjadi teman anda. Terima kasih!

  • @noaslpls true, I will continue to add to my vocabulary thanks for the advice. all of this is very useful for me

  • @icha thanks dear for the suggestion and motivation I think we can, if we want to try

  • #mishaikh I will try to continue and will not give up his spirits thanks to my friend

  • @dara gino I say thank you because you are willing to help me :)

  • Inshaa Allah, anda akan berbicara Inggris dengan baik, tetapi saya mau kamu akan menjadi teman saya karena saya injin bantu kamu inshaa Allah. I hope to be one of your friends, Muhriati Ariska. 

  • Remember it is equally difficult for others to learn our native language as we feel it hard to learn English.  I again say 'Just love learning"!

  • Be persistent. Do not disappoint. Make a habit of reading.  Read as much as you can.  Just love 'learning'!

  • Hi Muhriati, yes we know English is not our native language, so we will face many difficulties during we are learning of it, but you got one important point actually...never give up, that is the point. Keep your spirit and enthusiasm. I think we have the same problem for the first learning, taking more time for reading and listening, you will get a lots of the new vocabularies from that activities. afterward continuing with speaking and writing. You have to do these routinely and than let see the result....:)

  • Keep the attitude of never giving up. I'm sure you will succeed. Speaking from experience, just read a lot of English reading materials. It doesn't matter whether it is a book, a magazine or just a simple comic book. Reading also helps you to improve your vocabulary. Good luck.

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