Sometimes we cannot avoid our emotions, especially bad emotions, it is greatly affects our action. It always appears and disturbs our mind that is why some of our works is not being concentrated. We must leave our emotions behind, our worries, fears and problems away. All of these must be disappeared in our life so that we can focus in our works without worrying of something. Worrying is not helping us to handle our problems; we must face and find a good ways to overcome our problems and fears. There was once a man says, “You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future”.


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  • Yes, you can say that again. 

    Sometimes you can't help worrying, though. 

  • Me, myself is wondering why sometimes we cannot control our emotion, maybe because we didn't accept the truth of what is behind our past experiences or maybe we didn't admit our faults... For me, we must control our emotions by forgetting what is past and admitting our faults of course so that we can move on and face what is present.

    I dON't know if MY GRAMMAR IS right but this is my idea… I'm not American but I want to learn English... I am a learner....


  • We have to accept the fact and admit our faults so that we can move on.

  • Kamusta Price Hazem S. Mohammed Tohame, ako emosional pero hindi maganda. During work, they should be forgotten, but not totally. 

  • Good thought.

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