Emotional Separation

 What are the causes of emotional separation between the spouses? The Reasons remain locked inside the rooms, and they harm the spouses. because of their privacy and the embarrassment behind revealing them. Apart from that, they may cause serious psychological damage or pain.   

If they divorce, that is not good for their children later. Could it be the failure on the wedding night? Or is it the lack of harmonization between them. The intimate relationship starts with big love and suddenly after the coming of the children, the emotional attraction is not there anymore. Some wives tell their husbands to stop flirting with them or say any love words. Putting in their minds that they are no longer young for love or even making love.

Some spouses treat one another as if they were colleagues at work or some establishment. It is true that they respect each other but there no love at all between them. Unfortunately, husbands seek other means to satisfy their desires. They try at work, from the internet and the different social media. Eventually, separation is inevitable.

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  • Acceptances of failures of each other keeps the relationship balanced.  The husbands should see his perfection in attitude before pointing the imperfection of their wives and vise verse. Husband and wife are like dresses for each other.  Means the way dresses hide our bodily defficiencies as well as decor the  bodies, in the same way both the partners of life conceal each other deficiencies and decor each by helping overcome the defects. This is the only way a relationship prolongs otherwise, there will be problem.  Just respect each other amd  love with all short comings.

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  • I believe one of factor that make them divorce because of unfocuss  on their dream, aim, etc. They forget it, and it develop another problem such as bad communication,  being egoist ... Talking about that is never end. Thanks for your sharing. I read some of comment here, it can open my mind  

    • Selamat sore Nia. Anda baik baik saja. So far, you are doing fine. Gradually you will do it. Nia , you  and Mr. Tawfeeq asked me about those signs symbols written or fixed to the profile photo .        I do not know about them. We will ask the moderators or Mr. Josef about them. Thanks  Nia for your nice comment .

  • The emotional separation is commone issue.
    As others it can (or can not ) be solved.
    It depends on subjects and features of them.
    Some one could try to make every effort but unsecsessfull.
    Endurance, wisdom and luck could help but not for sure.

    • Spasibo Winnie The Pooh!  Wisdom is important in this sacred relationship. The husband and his should behave wisely. Each one of them must very careful not to hurt the other part. Luck plays a big role. Thanks, Winnie for your nice comment.

  • When you conclude that married life is hard, unrest and impossible to keep on, you should divorce your wife without  oppression. It is better to spend your life in hardships. Thanks Dara.  


    • Attalag hal ya ustath Tawfeeq. Divorce can be a solution to some unhappy marriages. Reaching a dead-end is a big problem for the fighting couple. Maybe, they try to fix that broken piece in their relationship. They meet many obstacles in that way. That is the reason why divorce can be the last sear. Thanks, Mr. Tawfeeq for your nice comment and sorry for my late reply.

  • Hello Dara, The spouses need to accept the husband/ wives own originality. That's will build a good relationship with them for their long life.

    Mutual udertanding is very important and Ignore more expectations from each other. Maybe they thinks about their kids life, that mindset's not going to  get emotional seperation.

    • Main tum ku sahamat hoon, Louts! Reciprocal and mutual understanding is very important. Also, taking your man or your woman as they are, is one of the most priorities for the good start of the marriage. We are not perfect, therefore, we should accept our husbands and wives. Once we start to show these defects, our relationship will shake and it might collapse. Thanks, Lotus for your nice comment. 

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