Electronic Volume Corrector Manufacturers

Electronic Volume Corrector Manufacturers

Despite their popularity, most electronic volume corrector manufacturers still have a long way to go when it comes to improving their products. It's no secret that a lot of users don't know what to look for when it comes to the most important element of a volume corrector.





MICRO-Z and MICRO-C series


MICRO-Z and Micro-C series electronic volume corrector manufacturers offer advanced devices that deliver unmatched performance and ease-of-use for gas distribution networks. They are built to meet the needs of local metering and are compliant with Welmec 7.2 software.


These instruments can be used for a variety of applications such as data acquisition, telemetry, industrial gas metering, and control. They also offer high accuracy and low power consumption. They are ideal for instrument-mount applications and have an easy-to-use communication interface. They are available in a wide range of models and are Ex ia certified. They are suitable for use in harsh environments.


A gas volume corrector is a device that measures the volume of a gas and converts it into a standard volume. It is typically battery-powered and has a number of pressure sensors. The instruments are easy to maintain and have a low power consumption.



MICRO-C Family


The MICRO-C family is a series of compact electronic volume correctors intended for high performance natural gas metering with remote telemetry. These products may be deployed in hazardous locations and feature Ex ia protection for gas group IIC.


Each product in this family introduces a compact housing with integral or external pressure sensor(s), and a temperature sensor. Direct mounting on gas meters with instrument drive is possible using mechanical encoders. To form a modern, supervisory gas metering system, the products incorporate flow computer style volume measurements, advanced telemetry and communication features. They can be easily interfaced with other field devices using their comprehensive I/O and communication interfaces.




MICRO-C1 is the most advanced member of the family, and introduces full hardware and software features. MICRO-C1 is an advanced two stream EVC with HF capability. Offers comprehensive calculations, similar to a flow computer, unmatched local and remote communications, and telemetry. MICRO-C3 is the medium-featured product with fewer options. MICRO-C3 is two stream EVC with balanced cost and features. It provides the full set of calculations normally found in flow computers. Calculations include nine compressibility methods, namely AGA 8-DC92, AGA 8 gross methods 1 & 2, NX 19, MGERG, SGERG methods 1, 2, 3, 4, AGA 5 energy & mass methods, and


ISO 6976 heating value method. MICRO-C5 offers the best cost, while providing complete volume correction features and similar communication capabilities.


Galvanic's GasMicro


Designed to be robust and accurate, Galvanic's GasMicro electronic volume corrector is an advanced measurement device that combines three different measurement functions. It generates an electrical signal that represents the volume of the gas being measured. It can also measure the pressure and temperature of the gas. The resulting data is stored in the device's memory. The device can then be used in remote-mount applications or in instrument-mount installations.


The GasMicro is a universal microelectronic platform that can be configured to work as an interval data recorder or an EVC (Electronic Volume Corrector). It can also be configured to function as an EPR (Electronic Pressure Recorder) or as an EVC and EPR at the same time. GAS Micro is the most flexible and economical of the three.


The GasMicro electronic volume corrector is compatible with the Eagle Research Meter MPplus XARTU-1. Its accuracy is a result of the high quality of the electronic circuitry used in its design.


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