Today is the tenth of Thulhijjah, the first day of Eiduladha. Pilgrims after completing their stand at Arafa mountain, they go to Muzdaliffah where they spend the night of the ninth of Thulhijjah and collect (jamarat) stones from there. This time, the authorities has prepared stones for the pilgrims fearing the infection of coronavirus. On the following day, they move to Mina. As we mentioned before, those places, Arafat, Muzdaliffah, and Mina are the rites of Hajj. On this day, they arrive in Mina and start throwing the first stone, slaughtering their sacrifices, and shortening or cutting their hair.

The Hajjy (pilgrim) is allowed to change to his normal clothes and to do anything after this but not to hunt or to have sexual intercourse. Some of the pilgrims go to Mecca to perform (Ifadah Tawaf). It is the last rite of Hajj and without it Hajj is void. circumambulation around Kaaba, The Ancient House, seven rounds, and praying two (rakaat) prayers and making (Saee). (please, for more information, see my previous blogs on Eiduladha)

After this, the pilgrim is back to his place in Mina and he or she is able to hunt or sleep with his or her spouse. Today is the first day of the sunrise in Mina. It is a great day for pilgrims. They eat, drink, and thank Allah for this great reward. Here, we are also slaughtering our sacrifices for Allah The Almighty. Eiduladha is another major Islamic opportunity for Muslims to celebrate and thank God. Happy Eiduladha to all of you. 

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    • Many many thanks Oprah Raymond. I really hope to be one of your friends. Please, add me. Thanks for your comment and that link for fasting. I will wait for your friend's request. Thanks again. 

  • Hmmmmm....I wonder if in the near future there will be e-stones which the pilgrims won't have to carry, the stones will follow them like pets...... :-)

    • Lol! Jienkee Rysperski! It is an exceptional situation. Between you and me, these are necessary precation measures during the pandemic. Thanks, handsome guy of My EC. 

  • oh.. they dont need to collect the stone and its already been prepared.

    this year Hajj is well prepared.


    • Sekali Fizzy! Using stones may cause the spread of the disease. The government cleaned the stones and wrapped them in plastic bags. Thanks, Fizzy for your comment. 

      • oh i see... 

        • Terima kasih banyak Fizzy! Thanks, fizzy.

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