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Does society create mass murders?

I discussed mass murder with a woman a few days ago. She said that society is also responsible for mass murders. However, I don't like this opinion. Of course, there are various problems in all countries, but there isn't any excuse that would support the ideas that we allow mass murder. She seemed to shift the responsibility of mass murderers to society, as if to say "Society creates mass murderers."

There are many people who live without committing a serious crime in the same society, even if they have frustrations with their societies. I think most mass murderers attribute their unfortunate conditions to society and others, not to themselves. This is very selfish.  People who killed many people must be responsible for their actions. Then, we should investigate their backgrounds of their actions so that mass murder will not happen again.

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  • How can it be justified (with any reason) killing of innocent people, no matter if the society is responsible for any reason.

    It is tantamount to be 'barbarism' any way which is not acceptable.  

    • Hi, Mishaikh. Thank you for your comment. I think so, too.

  • Hi Tam

    Experts say mass killings may have various reasons such as mental illness, drugs and alcohol, violent video games,........

    Some psychiatrists say "about one in five mass murderers shows evidenceof psychosis"and researchers say "violent video games do increase aggressive behaviour". 


    • Hi, Saba. Thank you for your comment. Yes, there seems to be various reasons. However, there isn't any reason that we allow mass murders,

  • Oi again, 

         Tam, you insist not to shift the blame of mass murderers onto the society - OK, but that is your interpretation of the issue and I just submitted my view point of the same issue - I pointed out that societies with a particular rite embosing killing can be potential manufacturers of mass murderers. 

    • Hi, Rysperski. I deleted your last comment wrongly. I am sorry. I don't blame you at all. I just want to know what "a particular rite" is in detail. My English is not good, so I can't graspe it well.

    • Hi, Rysperski. I am not sure of what "a particular rite" implies. Is it racial discrimination?

  • Oi there again,

       Tam, there is no confusion in my remark to your blog on mass murderers and society. The misunderstanding lies on your side as mass murder provoked by custom rites does not have to be done by multiple persons, it can be done by a single person. 

      The other aspect is your disire to stigmatize only the western society as in your example, the USA. 

    • Hi, Rysperski. Humm, I don't blame the western society. Rather, I say, "Don't shift the responsibility of mass murderers to society."

  • Oi there, folks

        I am apt to partly agree with the afore said woman. In societies where "honour" killing is a cultural rite embosed and fostered by its members, mass murder is just a step away.

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