Do you want to become a politician?

If you want to become rich, you should do business.

If you want to become famous and popular, you should become an actor, actress or entertainer.

You should not become a politician asking for those things.

Only people who want to work for their nations should become politicians.

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  • at least, one politican, president of country should love his country and work for interest of his land.. 

    In my land we have 3 presidents, one of them  doesnt love own country and openly say it, trampling on the flag of his own state..

    so.. when you face with such politicans, every other profiles of politicans seems like angels, even those who use politican position to get more money or become famous..


    • Hello, Bossona. Thank you for your comment. I have never heard of a president who doesn't love his own country.

  • In my country nowadays, if you want to be a politician you should be a big liar.  


    • Hello, tawfeeq. Thank you for your comment It's a sad reality.

    • The same here.

    • In some countries like Russia you learn at young age  to kill those who dont agree with you. Some women have their culture rooted in their mind and do not change the mind even though you try hard .

    • Oh my...really? You must be an expert in Russia, Henry, to say this. The words are too strong...

    • O.M., so are people who make their judgment and conclusion only through hearsay and not through their own experience or knowledge.

    • Only women? LOL! 

      By the way, Henri, your comment doesn't seem to fit on the subject, does it?


    • Hello, babai. Thank you for your comment Your politicians work for your Hereafter.? What do they do actually?

This reply was deleted.