The Democratic candidate for U.S president, Joe Biden, won the U.S presidential election in 2020. But the Republican candidate for U.S president, Donald Trump, insists that the election was unfair, so he refuses to accept the results. And some of his supporters broke into the White House on the day that Joe Biden was approved as the U.S President.

In democratic countries, when elections have finished, nations must follow the results even if a candidate whom they didn't support won the election. If they don't admit the results of elections and use violence in order to pass their opinions and stay in power, they become a despotic government. If you say you don't trust elections because they are unfair. your country is not a democratic country. I think the U.S is a democratic country. Or do they need the United Nations election monitoring team? I hope not.

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  • I think that US election was fair. I'm not follower neither Trump nor Biden but I think that Trump can't stand his defact and he is type of people who think that they are the best. He is addicted to power and he doesn't like give up so fast. In my opinion Biden will be worst president then Trump because he doesn't have no idea about economy, athlough Trump and his followers should respect choice of most US citizines and wait to next elections

    • Hello, An. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Yes, in democratic countries, fair elections are the only way to take power.

  • My naive mind wants to believe that Donald Trump has some of genetic connection with our political leaders. Our politicians, whether the election is fair or not, never ever admitted that they were defeated in the election, they always come up with the accusion of vote rigging, eventually receding from election result.

    My personal opinion is that after a long walk towards liberal movement in the twentieth century, now the world has become reactionary. Authoritarian regime is on the rise all over the world.

    • Hello, Shaheen. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  • Oi there,

     In democratic countries, young students protesting on the main town square of the capital won't be run over by tanks orchestrated by senile, reckless and ultraconservative polititians. Yes, I have in mind the masacre of immense number of young people by vile and senile polititians in Tiananmen Square!

    • Hello, Rysperski. Thank you for your comment. Yes, the Tiananmen Square Massacre is a terrible incident.

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