Dear all,i want to raise this question related to the realm of space,might life exist on other planets?what do you think of UFO's(unidentified flying saucers)do they really exist ?Did they really visit our planet Earth?If yes  ,justify and give your arguments (thanks for sharing!)


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  • Nice topic dear ,,

    I will talk in a religious side, as u know our "Quoran" has the response of all questions that can come through our minds, and its clear that there is no other creatures but us.

    This idea of other existance is similar to the one about saying that prehistoric man was a monkey, yet it is said clearely that the first man was "ADAM" peace upon him.

    Some supernatural events can happen but every thing has its explanation , and sometimes human mind travel so far in his imagination and believes deeply on it .

    Any way , i respect all different thinkings, we can not see the same way , and our difference still forever our strength ...

  • hi Ryszard!Thnaks so much for your valuable comment on the possiblity of the existence of other of life on other planets!i totally agree with you !life for human beings or in genral living beings means water and oxygen ,however it may be something else for other creatures different from us on other planets or galaxies
  • Hi,

    I like your question but I can't share any ideas because I can't justify my answer because, asame here I am also asking, Is there life in other planets. I wanted to know if there are some people living in other planets and what is life like in their planet..... 


    Hope somebody could answer it, It's very an interesting topic....

  • sorry i want to say by UFO's unidentified flying objects
  • nothing is impossible .The human brain is on the top edge of the discoveries.
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