Do you know your brain needs food

Few years ago I didn't aware of how much reading is important for life .Maybe the reason which makes me hate reading is I connected reading with studying . so if I don't study I don't need to read . It sounds crazy now but it wasn't at that time .

Besides that I was comparing reading with watching TV. While I watch tv I can enjoy listening and watching with amazing effects . so, why I leave that for silent book. The only way to made me read at that time was while I traveling because in that case I don't have any choice .

About two years ago I took a course in college for one year and there I changed my mind about reading . I usually feel bored in any class. I used to bring food , play games on my phone ,play cards and listen to music during the lectures .

In that year I met two teachers who were so different from other teachers . For first time I enjoyed listening to someone , I got benefits of those lectures and I felt my teachers had many interesting things that I don't know.
They were full of knowledge and their speaking so eloquent maybe you feel I exaggerated but I'm not .
Sometimes I didn't agree with their opinions but I always respected their views . One of them tried to made us reading . she even preferred reading to do usual exams .

I wish I had many teachers like her because I passed many exams during my studying and I never change but after few assignments I still affected by them for years .

Unfortunately until now I can't get along with reading but I try to buy books and put them close so I can find them easily . In addition to that I downloaded app in my phone and IPad for reading even though I just read novels and books for English learning I'm happy because it's a good step for me as initial step

In future I planed if I ever have children I'll buy many books for them before they can read I just want their first memory of reading be a enjoyable memory and see a fun side of books . I read a quote from someone he said "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies the man who never reads lives only one" So I want my children to live a thousand lives . Even Einstein had said something about reading for children "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."

According to statistics in Arabian area each person reads less than half page a year . So the lack of reading is problem in many countries maybe we have many distractions in our lives that makes no time for reading . I meant before they invented television and internet reading was the most way to spend enjoyable time for rich and poor people.

In the end reading is food for our brains as much as you read as much as your world be bigger .

I know I have many mistakes but I hope you enjoy reading my first blog.

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  •  Mishaikh

    thanks . I'm happy because you read my blog 


    TV is good too but they give you their thoughts. on TV they can make you love something or hate it . i mean they control on you more . besides that on TV there are many distractions you listen and watch and maybe read subtitle at the same time so, you cant focus  but in the books you just read  .


    you're right . unfortunately many people can't see how much reading is important

  • Hi Reem, that is right. When kids or people don't get used to read or even read some pieces of writing daily, or at least weekly. This mind somehow could be dull, little by little. :)))

    Good post! Keep it up! :)

  • hi dear
    thanks for your topic but why reading is better than watching tv.. you can choose good and useful program there also

  • Very informative. Thanks for sharing, and keep writing. Good luck!

  • dara gino 

    Thank you for your comment and all members  are my friends .


    Thank you for your welcome and your comment . I had read a saying about learning languages " if you want to write, you must to read and if you want to speak , you must to listen" . So I completely agree with you. we all need to read if we want to become fluent in English .

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  • First and foremost, welcome to the world of EC bloggers. I can't imagine my life without a book. I will try my best to read at least 3-5 pages of a book before I fall asleep. One thing that I found out personally, when I started blogging in EC, reading helps me with my writing. So, I believed reading and writing will come hand in hand. Furthermore, reading helps to increase our vocabulary.

  • Kaifa halakum ya Reem. Ana indi bint ismaha Reem. Ana agli yabga akl akeed, wa ana ureed un akoon wahid min asdigaik, mumkin? Reading is considered source number one for the brain. Can I be one of your friends?

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