Do you know about Duolingo Classes?

Do you know about Duolingo Classes?

As far as I can now see, the shutdown of the Duolingo Classes platform went unnoticed by the MyEC. At least, I haven't found any posts about it.
For me, it has been one of the best language learning platforms for the last two years. Like many others, I didn't find out about it until the very beginning of its existence (it was founded in 2019, if I'm not mistaken). I've been there as both a student and a host. Until 18 January this year. 😥
At the moment, there is no platform that is a worthy substitute and everyone would be happy with it at least as much as they were happy with Duolingo Classes. There are currently just projects that are being finalized.
Perhaps one day you and I will meet at some meeting somewhere. But not on Duolingo anymore 😫😥


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  • i am in doulingo learning program its fun and nice 

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