Hey... some people here have their odd/weird experiences...maybe they did face or meet ALIEN, GHOST, MONSTER...

or their angry MOM hahaha

Okay guys lets talk about it here..

i know u are in trouble when u keep ur odd secret alone

Lets start from my experience...

here we go..

I have taken a crying boy picture..his mom didnt realize what made his son crying

all people can see this picture.

and look he's with an ALIEN or Greeny GHOST??? i don't know..

open ur eyes widely... what do u think guys?? 

I told his mom what creature that's sitting beside his son..

but she wouldn't believe.... she told me that..i'm weird ASIAN :'(

they need evidences to prove i'm right...

and i showed the photo...she shocked and fainted..i didn't wanna make some troubles in walmart...i escaped and after 2 days i told my friends about this photo..and they mocked me, they said it's just an alien doll.. i'm so sad :'(


u can make ur own weird/odd experiences here..

dont forget to put some photos to prove u are telling the truth :D

Thanks for ur time :D

Good Luck

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  • Is it so...Narizawa....

    Noas likes MGR.....really?....okie...thats the reason she came in this costume that day... uh?


  • : X
  • BALA .... yeaah u know...our friend, GRANNY Noaspls loves him so much..

    she has 20 posters of him.. yeah u may make a MGR fans club in this Site hahah ..

    -----  38.gif

  • Yeah Nixon... dont be panic when u face an alien..

    just poke that creature!! 25.gif

  • Xiao-Mi ... u admit...u admit again that i'm an alien 23.gif

  • LaaLaa ... u insulted me :(

    now i'm crying 23.gif

  • its really panic

  • Oppa, I think the monster beside the little boy was you!

  • As I explained in My Blog,,I'm scared of statues,,,
    For me, statue is the oddest and weirdest thing in the world...
    I think statues are more scary than ghost..
    In Jakarta there many statues which can make me scream and cry abruptly,,,
    Just look at them....and tell how weird and scary they are...

    2387534004?profile=originalHeemm,,,But,,after looking at noasl's Picture,,,I'm thinking back,,maybe I have found a thing that more odder than those statues,,,The middle Alient with blue bag...
    It's totally weird, odd, and horrible,,,,,I'm crying now....


  • Hei....Narizawa....

    first, I was so glad to see our State Ex Chief Minister, who was also an actor and still remembered for his Kindness......and he is fondly remembered as MGR and he owns so many titles and goodwill of people...he is even treated as Godfather here....., but but but you are referring him to "alien" sad.....

    But truly speaking even i get fainted by his weird costumes......LOL....but still I love his style...2387532132?profile=original

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