Do we always control our heart?

Do we always control our heart?

Do we always control our heart?

Train your heart. That is a discipline every warrior needs. If you can control your heart, then you will defeat your opponents.--- Paulo Coelho. 

Man has three entities

  1. Soul /Heart: Which only can desire 
  2. Brain/CPU: Which makes judgment through logic whether something beneficial or not. Creates different paths and sends a signal to the soul (Brain unit for Soul)  like this: here the alternatives, if you take this, then this would happen if you take that one, then that would happen. 

       3.Body: Accomplish the decision of the CPU.

Let's have a few examples:

  1. Mr. X is going to the Market to buy an iPhone. His budget is for iPhone 8. After going into the shop, his heart wants to buy the latest version of the iPhone. In this situation, his CPU will say, Hi dude! You don’t have a budget for buying that. You can buy by browning money but remember you already have debt. Now the CPU will start controlling your soul. Does the body buy it? Or not? Depends on the judgment.   
  2. Mr. Y is doing a job, he has to obey the rules and regulations otherwise he will be fired.
  3. If someone says bitter words to Mr. Z, should he react ? or the first judge, if a dog bites me on the road should I return it the same way? 
  4. In terms of happiness also the same, unlimited happiness is also dangerous for human life. The test of happiness disappears with time if Mr. Z, Y, and Z  have had a  happy environment for a long time.  I didn't say we have to be sad but control the heart.  

Thousands of examples can be written. We are every day, every moment controlling our heart, we cannot do whatever we want. 

Kite flying can be a very good example! 

The Kite only can fly until its owner has the kite spool, if the owner cuts the cotton, the Kite slowly will come to the ground. First several minutes the kite will enjoy flying, a test of freedom but actually, it’s not, will lose It's balance,will lose It's power to fight against wind, Evantually it will be flying aimlessly. If someone does something aimlessly then he/she cannot succeed in his/her life.  

(this is my private opinion, you may agree or disagree with me,  Please don’t get me wrong) 

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  • Well.....we'd better learn how to control our mind. The heart is just a group of tissues forming a muscle organ, which performs one certain function in our body: pump the blood thus providing the body with oxygen and nutrients. 

    All your "heart" is located in your head. 

    Long story to explain....but if your brain doesn't work....the heat is just an organ to donate. If your mind makes the brain work one certain direction..your heart will beat faster or just skip the beats...blahblabhlab

    Therefore...the only thing to control the king of the brain  -  MIND.


    Thanks for sharing your "private" opinion )


      Thanks, O.M 

      You didn't understand my meaning! 

      Definitely I  pointed mind saying heart. Moreover on my blog somewhere I said soul instead of writing heart. 

      I know what physical heart is!

      Neither I nor Paulo Coelho meant physical heart . 

      Do we say? Oh! the food is delicious, let me test a little more by the brain? Nope. By tongue indeed. 

      Everything happening in the brain.

      The brain has a specific cell/unit/part for the sense of other organs of our body. 


      • Lol...with the same success I can say that you didn't get my comment at all )))......Cos you didn't understand the sarcasm in my words proving your discussion. But it's ok. Two creatures do not necessarily have to understand each other....otherwise they would not have anything to speak about. 

        • you didn't understand my sarcasm too! 

          BTW you are a good mind controller indeed, haha. 

          I liked your comments! Nothing conflicting here with my post. Especially last two sentences of your last comment I liked most. 

This reply was deleted.