Do not tell me love words,

and never love me,

Do not kiss me  so long,

Do not wrap me so tight,

If so,I take you under  my foot !

Sincere words never trick me ,

You are not  CLARK GABLE to kiss me ,

WHAT ? am I your mom to hug me ?

If so, I take you under my foot !


By Adriano Martelli

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  • Buongiorno Signor tawfeeq ,  Yes, totaly you are right....Thank you for your nice comment ...

  • Strong anger…..

    The bad experience of us will be lost in the mists of time. Then we will seek for a new love. We are social creatures, live by love others.

    The love is the source of our power. We need to have love even in our broken hearts and only love can be the best cure for duped lovers.

  • refer to the title...  

    I wont .. hehehe

  • LOL...whom are you trying to persuade here? The one who does that...or you yourself that you do not want that? Such a hidden..message/cry...kinda.."kiss me..I need that..."

    Love Me GIF - Loveme GIFs

    • Lol My Friend O.M..  Thanks for your repliying and funny video...I'm laughing at !....


      • Well, I have to add that it was a nice piece of writing anyway ))). Good job. Keep on....and still waiting for the famous articles of a famous "Guardian" writer ))

        I hope you get the jokes with a sense of humor, please.

  • Good job sir

    • Thank you , My Jımmy Brother....


  • If you say that someone is under your feet, it means you are annoyed or feel bothered in your feelings because you are afraid they could come too near to you.
    Sometimes a sign of self-protection.
    People who had bad experience, don't want to allow to themselves to admitt their feelings...mostly feelings of love. They don't want new disappointments.

    I think your poem is exactly about that, isn't it?

    • Yes, ma'am it's exacly right, This immroral guy tricked this clean girl many times and now beggin love again...!  The girl fefusing  him an belitterin like '' You are not CLARK GABLE '' to kiss me...

      I thank you very much for your repliying...Bestimmt  , you are right, ...I think You can remember Clark Gable famous with his kisses like Adriano Martelli....


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