The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze such a big, well-developed and successful international business company as Disney. The company has a series of specifications that distinguish it from all the other businesses. First of all, it is important to underline that Disney is targeted towards specific customer sector, family, and is aimed at entertainment. Consequently, this specification requires a lot of energy and hard work in order to provide customers with the goods and services they need. From the moment of its foundation in the beginning of the 20th century, Disney has shown the perfect tempos of stable and effective implementation of a series of innovations that brought the company to the top positions within the market. The key point that demonstrates the uniqueness of the company structure is its remarkable success. Disney has been developing through the years and it is still developing as one of the most widespread sets and is recognized in all parts of the planet.

The first question to be mentioned is what Disney does to connect with its core consumers. The truth is that the company continuously represents the new goods and services that meet the requirements of the contemporary times period and that perfectly suit the needs of customers. That can easily be seen in the history of the company's growth and development, as Disney begun its development as a company that produced simple black-and-white cartoons. However, it soon grew to a huge set that produces the real feature films, television networks, theme parks, and shops with a wide range of consumer products, theatre productions and many other things. The fact that the company does its best to be modern and relevant can be seen in the rapid development of the online presence that is growing nowadays. Another important feature is the image of the company, as Disney has been always the synonym to the high quality entertainment for the whole family. Disney is building a real community, not just presenting the products to consumers. Clients get involved in the Disney world and get close with the products of the company from the early age. They feel comfortable watching cartoons and films, attending parks and shops. The feeling of comfort, involvement and closeness attracts consumers, creates a positive image of the company and makes clients come back again and again.

The second issue that has to be discussed is the risks and benefits of expanding the Disney brand in new ways. The key risks are the shortcomings that have been faced by the organization because of its uniqueness within cultural and structural dimensions. The key role in success of the company as the properly elaborated and represented brand is in attracting consumers and turning them into the loyal customers of the company. Disney is the company that has a specific consumer area ‘ children. Within this target group, the company faced a tough competitive struggle with the other developing companies that are also enlarging their client base. Such companies are Nickelodeon, PBSs and some other. The struggle is also present within the area of video games, where a number of competitors are enlarged with the presence of Fox products. Within the branding area, Disney is a perfect demonstration of a successful brand expansion as it is the company targeted towards children and family entertainment that turned to the powerful international set. In fact, the company is the leader within the market. Therefore, there are also numerous benefits the company can achieve through the implementation of new ways of the brand expansion. The elaboration of new branding programs will give the company an ability to get to new markets and enlarge the client base of the brand with new approaches. In this way, the company would meet the requirements and needs of specific groups of consumers in the different parts of the world. In the end, it will make the company more universal and widespread, and the brand will be more recognizable, modern, topical, and profitable.


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