Dieting is Dying

Dear Valued Friend,

As a matter of fact, that i have inspired the idea of the "Dieting to start living" frrom the following picture. please muse on this pic. and inform me what is going on you mind?.



Maybe, confused, astonished or even normal. got an idea?. Never mind, as for me i do apply this rule on my life which is postpone every task, mission, going abroad or even completing my master degree. Its really annoying habit:(. 

simply, putting things up or deferring is called :










so are you ready ? hand by hand to break this nasty habit. I look forward to hear from you that you have done something. 

The Extract of my thoughts are the words composed from letters,letters constructed from sounds, sounds from morphemes, morphemes came from phenoms,and etc.

 So, every thing in life is accumaltive and heaped up. BE CAreFULL!

ACCumaltive Habit should be


CONStructive not DESTructive.

and please venture:


Here you go to take a look about the below link for further ideas and experiences.


Best and Warm Regards,

Jamal Al-Qhaiwi 


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  • Dear gentle Jasmine,

    Thanks for dropping your comment. i was trying to share a global problem at not only pertaining me but it concerns every human being ."I think procastination can be beneficial at times." oh come on! what a beneficial at this bad habit?! when you get prioritization the issues so you can get out of the stress and the procrastination.;)
    thanks for your breezy pass,

  • Hello Jamal,

    I have this habit of putting my tasks off to the last minute. In fact, this is not a major problem for me. Sometimes, I procrastinate because I am overwhelmed with too much and cannot get going, then I find myself doing nothing. This is not only my problem but a problem for the majority, too. I think procastination can be beneficial at times. When you are too much stressed, owerwhelmed and can't work productively then it is reasonable to postpone things. However, it you are procrastinating because you want to avoid doing something for simply you are lazy, feeling inadequate or don't have enough courage, then it is a problem. Just as you said, we should take risks, the result can't be worse than doing nothing.

    Thanks for the inspiring blog...

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