Dialogue Challenge: Senatorial Elections

Hello Friends,

Here is my dialogue between Peter and Paul. Right now, we have an upcoming senatorial election which will be held in December.

Peter & Paul

Peter: Hi Paul, What’s up??

Paul: I am fine Peter. Please tell me who are you going to vote for in the upcoming Senatorial Elections?

Peter: I am going to vote for Ambassador George Weah of course.

Paul: George Weah? What has he really done for our county when it comes to peace building and development that make you think he’s going to be a good senator?

Peter: George Weah is the people choice, as we all know that he was once the best football player in Africa, Weah is a typical Liberian who knows exactly what his people need, I am 100% sure that when Mr. Weah is elected as Senator for this county, he's going make a big difference.

Paul: Yes, Mr. Weah is the people choice and once a Peace Ambassador for Liberia, he was really mute when he had that position, he did not resolve any conflicts; he did not make peace between this fellow citizens. All he did was to keep traveling from one country to another having good time with his family and friends while his people had so many problems that needed to be resolved.

Peter: Sure, but let’s give him a try, I think he’s going to make a big difference this time around.

Paul: No Peter! There is nothing like giving a try when it comes to the development of our county. Please think twice before going to the poll to cast your vote. One thing you need to know is to learn how to make the right decision when it comes to elections.

Peter: Okay Paul thanks for that, I will think about it.

Please correct me if i make any mistakes.


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  • Thanks Mr. Bob

  • Paul thinks that George Weah is well known and that Peter is confusing popularity with political ability. Your blog makes me think about this problem and how it is seen in many countries. It is an interesting topic to choose for a dialogue. I think they meant to say people's choice instead of people choice.
  • Komala, this is an amazing post.  I enjoyed reading it.  Your English is terrific.  I guess you meant it to be "country" when you typed "county".

    Looking forward to another blog of yours, Komala.  Keep up the good job!

  • Thanks Mr. Bob for those corrections, I appreciate you so much.

  • Thanks @ Expector Smith

  • Thanks so much Luci, For your comment.

  • Thanks for taking my Dialogue Challenge, Komala. Good job. There are a few minor errors here, but I can't use different fonts from the mobile app. Here are two you can edit.

    had so many problems that needed to be resolve. Resolved

    Please think twice before going to the poll to cash your vote. Cast your vote
  • Great! Much much better than your first blog - such an improvement!

    I just made some corrections for you:

    1. "What have has he really done for our county country when"

    2. "while is his people had so many problems that needed to be resolve resolved"

  • komala, woow I must say that it is big change if I compare it to the previous blog!!! I mean good change :)
  • Thanks Niki

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