Describe A person ( Tanya's)

Mary works in an advertising company and has a new colleague. His name is Mark. His handsome look catches much of ladies’ attention in the office but Mary doesn’t like him at all.  For her, Mark is really a snobbish and sarcastic. Well, when they met for the first time, he called her “a red mop”.  It really stung her because he was making fun of her. Of course, she has short red hair but it does not look like a mop at all! What a cruel man!

 Every day, Mary is trying very hard to avoid talking to Mark. Then, one day the boss put them in the same group for an assignment. The boss said, “You two will be a great team. Mark is very adventurous and communicative while you, Mary, are so intelligent but so quiet. You two will be perfect partners! The theme of this season will be, “an American Date”. What an outspoken boss but well, a boss is always a boss. For her, it is foolish to put them together.  They will hardly talk and that will be bad for the assignment.

Well, it was the vice versa. Everything was going well. Mark was really a good partner. Very smart, funny and kind as well.  He also apologized and told her that he was joking about the red mop. He saw her being very quiet and was hoping that she would laugh at the remark but she looked angry instead. He seemed to be very sincere with his apology. So, Mary apologized to him too and said that it might have been unreasonable to make assumption too early.  Their assignment was successful. Everyone was praising and admiring their work. Well, as to Mary and Mark, they have become good friends ever since.

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  • Thanks Jet:) Very happy to hear that ....

  • Thanks mizan, Evangelina, Ramin and Camel for all the comments:) really appreciated it....Thanks Camel, a new saying for me. Pleaseread my America Date.. I think Ramin will prefer it. Haha:)

  • very good but I expect they get married at the end. what a pity!

  • Thanks for sharing such a story where at last two person came to a point and have a good relation.

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