In my opinion , anyone who practices the truely islam religion will not be depressed.How is this ? I will explain :There is a verse in Quran in which Allah (God) says :"There is ease after hardships, indeed there is ease after hardships".After a hard work , there is salary and rest ,after a troubles and mishaps, there will be relief , likewise after this hard life, there will be death and eternal life . As a muslim, I have to know that all bad moments will not last and I will gain the most from any aweful experience I might face. Because I should believe that these difficult moments will purify me and make me gain more experiencesOne day, I went to another country.I was depressed as I surronded by many neative people, so bad condition , but my only healing was Quran as it provided me withso many positive thoughts and energy to overcome troubles.Once an old man was asked about his youth .He replied that I regret the days when I was feeling sad as life is short .We shouldn't spend it with complaining and setting our eyes to see only the negative side of it.So we should manage to live without DEPRESSION.
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  • Anah sid , Areality , THANK you both VERY much
  • Lovely blog with a touch of religious point of view! 

    Thanks for the share dear!

  • Bdshab, indeed it is our spiritual food.

    Thanks very much for your comment
  • the holy quran is the spirit food when you read the holy quran you can fight the evils spirits in our human body

  • Rasheed, Nimzaf, Elf noor. Thanks for your comments
  • Assalam-o-Alaikum...

    Your Blog Depression, So meaningful. :)


  • I liked the theme of this blog.. we have solution of all problem in our holy Quran..!!!

    thanks for sharing.

  • What a nice and meaningful blog.I like it thanks for sharing.
  • Evangalina, Hi

    loved your saying" Faith can move mountains " ,it is the idea of my blog.
  • Walker, Hi

    Thanks for YOUR comment
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