Sometimes, people show their frustrations with their government through demonstrations. Some of them are peaceful, and some of them are violent. Governments often regard them as dangerous, so they sometimes suppress them. They are afraid of social disorder. 

If people demonstrate violently, their government has an excuse for attacking them violently. If people demonstrate peacefully, there is no excuse for attacking them violently. But recently, I have seen police attacking journalists and people violently who are demonstrating peacefully. We must not allow violence like that. 

In democratic countries, people can express their opinions on their government through elections. However, if it is a one-party dictatorship, how can they do it? Aren't demonstrations a choice? What do you think about demonstration?

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  • "Black Lives Matter" is not a new issue! 400 years of slavery and racism!

    • Hello, Mohammad A. Thank you for your comment. I don't refer to only this issue. there are many reasons for demonstration.

  • we had lots of demonstrations due to politics dispute past years but luckily ppl in my country can be civilized.  There is no damaged property...  

    • Hi, Fizzy. Thank you for your comment. Peaceful demonstrations are a good way.

  • Dear Tam,I agree with democratic and peaceful demonstrations, but sometimes in these kind of demonstrations join bad people who dont know about the reason of that demonstration and only they want to fight with the police and broke things. this is my point of view.

    • Hello, Laura. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you.

  • Arigato Tam! I agree with the two gentlemen, Mr Mishaikh and Mr Rysperski. Unfortunately, polytics is like an octopus.  

    • Hi, Dara. Thank you for your comment.

  • Oi there, folks

       The social unrest and brutal reaction of the governent that is goin on in the USA is nothing comparing with what most probably will happen in Hong Kong if the citizens of that region forget Tiananmen Square Massacre carried out by the government to protect its own interest.

      So the matter is not the demonstration itself but the political environment it takes place. 

    • Hello, Rysperski. Thank you for your comment. There are many reasons for demonstration. In Hong Kong, people who live there have demonstrated against laws that limit their liberty recently. They and Hong Kong police have attacked each other.

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