Delayed Urinate

One day I went to a mountain with my bother, sister in law, niece, mom and grandma. There were strawberries sellers who allowed people to pick them directly from the trees and my niece wanted to do it. So she came out of the car with her father and mother whilst I, my mom and grandma were in the car parked on the roadside.

Shortly afterwards, a car came from backside and took place in front of ours. A young guy came out and walked hurriedly toward our car while his hands trying to open his pants zippers. It was obvious that he wanted to urinate beside our car and didn't realize that we were inside. Surely that was laughable and made us panic at the same time.

"Oh, no." said my mother repeatedly with panic. She was sitting in the front. You can understand how she felt. I laughed so hard that he heard it. As soon as he heard my laughter, he turned back and cancelled what he was going to do. Lol.

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  • Hahaha... Do you mean "running" (the word in the second line from the bottom)?

  • Now we understand how suffered he was that he had to resist it til he found the saver place. Lol

  • You are right. It does. And we can understand the situation. It can't be resisted. It was in the mountain road where was no toilet. :D

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